Robotic Picking In The Real World



19th November 2020

Real, reliable, sustained robotic picking in production operations is achievable, but it is nothing like picking in a lab or in a trade show demo. As the need to double-down on omnichannel commerce explodes across the retail ecosystem, operators must find new ways to fulfill orders that do not rely entirely on labour. 

Intelligent robotic systems can be the answer. New applications of robotic picking from eCommerce to store replenishment to augmenting traditional automation can transform operations for retailers, eCommerce companies, 3PLs, and parcel carriers. But if you think you can deploy robotic solutions directly from the lab to the real world, you are in for a wild and potentially expensive ride.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to debunk common myths and fallacies around robotic picking.
  • Recommendations from building and implementing robotic solutions for global enterprises that operate at industrial scale.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and mis-managed expectations of early adopters.
  • How to ensure your robotic innovation initiatives deliver the returns you need for meaningful business impact.