Robotics 102: A Complete Guide to Warehouse Automation


With the sales of logistic robots hitting the roof, more warehouses are
implementing automation solutions into their facility. Thanks to technological advances, there is a wide range of solutions to choose from these days. However, knowing how to start automating your warehouse is still a complicated process, and there are many aspects that can easily be overseen.

In order to help you implemented your automation solution successfully, Meili Robots has created a step-by-step guide to warehouse automation, including the different types of automation, how it benefits your operations, and which areas of your warehouse you should automate first.
How to Get Started with Warehouse Automation?

1. Define your goals and objectives;
2. Set up collaborations with your key stakeholders;
3. Prepare your labour model;
4. Implement a Warehouse Management System or integrate with an existing one;
5. Use data analytics.

If you have read the complete guide and are looking for more in-depth information about automating your warehouse with robots, don’t forget to check out our other guide, “Robotics 101: A Complete Guide to Warehouse Robots by Application”. As the title suggests, we have listed different types of robots based on where they can be implemented in your warehouse. Here, we explore product specifications, price estimates, and their use cases. Together, these two guides will give you a full overview of which steps to take to automate your warehouse.