Rudolph Logistik Gruppe Sequences with Logistics IT from inconso


Since January 2019, Rudolph Logistik Gruppe (RLG) has been providing logistics services at the Wörth logistics center in Lower Bavaria for a well-known automotive manufacturer and relies on the proven automotive solution of the logistics software specialist inconso to manage its logistics processes. inconsoWMS Automotive went live within a very short time and ensures optimal production supply (just in time/just in sequence) and the seamless process integration of all logistics partners involved.

In Wörth, RLG relies on this software solution that meets the complex logistics requirements of the automotive industry and, above all, supports production-synchronous procurement and distribution control. The solution went live within four months. “Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the production supply was unimpeded during the system integration. This was made possible thanks to Rudolph Logistik’s industry expertise and inconso’s tailored solution for this system. Right from the beginning, Rudolph Logistik’s preexisting partnership with inconso provided a mutual understanding of industry-specific processes and the software solution designed for them,” Wilfried Pfuhl, member of inconso AG’s Board of Directors, emphasized.

Moreover, inconso supplied and installed the hardware (server systems, mobile data terminals) for the planned go-live in January. RLG employs nearly one hundred mobile terminals in Wörth to optimize processes and workflows and minimize errors during picking.

Dr. Dennis Abel, the overall project manager at RLG, adds: “Due to having worked on projects with inconso for many years and the short project implementation time, we chose to procure most of the necessary hardware – in addition to the regular software components – from inconso, who also set up both. The direct communication in advance, fast on-site implementation and smooth go-live of all components confirmed that this was the right decision.