Renovotec has launched a Spring promotion for Honeywell’s new Dolphin CK65 rugged mobile computer, offering ‘five years maintenance for the price of three’ on the product in a move designed to cut the cost of adoption for logistics and manufacturing, supply chain users. The rugged Dolphin CK65 is built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform and runs on Android. It combines twin touchscreen and keypad data input with real-time connectivity and advanced data capture and is ideal for users transitioning from Windows® to Android who are using  both newer, touch-based and older, key-based legacy applications, giving the Dolphin CK65 the industry’s longest life cycle say Honeywell.

The Dolphin CK65 has a scan read range of 40mm to 964mm (6 to 50 feet) with handheld or pistol grip options. In warehouse and manufacturing environments it can survive multiple 2.4m (8 ft.) drops onto concrete across the full temperature range and has an IP64 rating against dust and rain. The large 4” (WVGA) Wide Video Graphics Array display has 2.3 higher resolution for easier reading and efficiency, while the CK65’s eighteen hour battery life supports more than two warehouse shifts on one charge. Hot swap technology allows users to change the battery without rebooting the device, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

“This rugged computer has been developed for demanding warehouse and manufacturing environments. Our offer helps budget-conscious supply chain users who want to acquire it” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard.

Renovotec is already the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain enterprise users and recently acquired supply chain mobile technology company Spirit Data Capture.


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