SafeOpt Reviewed: Is It Really a Powerful Tool for Brands?


Email retargeting is quickly becoming most marketers’ go-to method for converting leads. It is when you send a person who has visited your site (or put items in their cart and then left) targeted emails, offering them discounts or promotions in order to convince them to make a purchase.

One platform that offers email retargeting (and has a network of over 260 million users) is SafeOpt. SafeOpt is one of the web’s leading email retargeting platforms.

If you are interested in trying out email retargeting, then this post will tell you why SafeOpt’s platform is a good option, and how it is a powerful tool for brands.

Email Retargeting

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, email retargeting is quickly becoming one of the most popular online forms of marketing. The SafeOpt platform makes integrating email retargeting into your company’s marketing effort easier than ever. SafeOpt’s team provides its brands with email templates, as well as tips and tricks for reaching out to consumers. If you are new to email marketing, then on SafeOpt’s platform you can find lots of articles written about the subject, which you can use to become better at it.

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Engaging Users

It can be very difficult to engage visitors to one’s website. If you are the owner of an e-commerce site, then you will no doubt already know this. SafeOpt makes engaging users easier than ever before. This is because when you use SafeOpt, you can send direct, personalized emails to people who have visited your site and then left. Sending such emails shows your site’s visitors that you care about them, know about them, and most of all, know what their needs are.

Promotional Offers

In the emails that you send, SafeOpt strongly recommends that you include promotional offers and discount codes. Sending people promotional offers can be a highly effective way of getting them back on your website, and spending money. Sometimes, people leave e-commerce sites with items in their carts because they realize they are not in a position to be spending money. If you send such individuals promotional codes, then you can effectively convert them into customers. Sending someone a promotional code when they are already considering purchasing at full price can be a great way to seal the deal.

Making Sales

Because of everything mentioned in the previous section, and the section before that, it should come as no surprise to learn that the use of SafeOpt’s platform can help you to make more sales. As a business owner, making more sales should be one of your main concerns. After all, if you aren’t able to make sales, then how do you intend on keeping yourself in business? Email retargeting alone isn’t the only way you can increase sales, however. You should also try out other styles of marketing, like SEM, and focus on product development, so you can make your products more desirable.

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Sending News

A lot of people seem to think that email retargeting is only good for sending promotional codes, but this is not true. It can also be used to send news of new product releases, or even price drops. Sending news out to your customers is a great way of keeping them in the loop and showing them that you care about them. It is even better for customer relations if you are able to personalize the emails that you send, i.e., by addressing each email personally to the recipient and then signing it yourself. With SafeOpt’s platform, sending out mass emails is easier than ever.

Product Releases

In addition to sending news of price drops, you can also send news of product releases. SafeOpt’s articles recommend that brands actually give consumers early access to the products that they are going to be releasing. Giving people that use SafeOpt’s service early access is a very effective way of making SafeOpt a more desirable platform to use, and also making your business more popular. Giving people access to early releases can make them feel very special. Making your customers feel more special is a fantastic way of increasing their loyalty to you and making more sales.

Price Reductions

Sending news of price reductions is a great way to make more sales. The fact that SafeOpt’s service allows you to do this, therefore, makes it a powerful tool for your brand. However, you can more effectively convert people by sending news of price reductions and promotional codes. Sending out promotional codes to people when you are already dropping prices can make it look like you value your customers a lot. However, it should be made clear, do not drop prices too much, or send out too many codes. Doing so can devalue your brand. Devaluing your brand can be very bad for your sales and reputation.

Catching People

The good thing about email retargeting is that it allows you to catch people at the right time. As mentioned earlier, if a person is in two minds about buying a product because it costs too much or it’s out of their budget, then sending them a promotional code is a highly effective way of forcing the sale and getting them to convert from a lead into a customer. Email retargeting makes it easier for you to catch people when they need to be caught most. Catching people at the right time can help to increase your sales exponentially. Without SafeOpt’s service, it is virtually impossible to do.

Staying Relevant

One last thing to consider is that if you do not send out emails and notify your customers about products, product releases, and sales, you will cease to be relevant. Relevancy should be one of your main concerns. By sending emails directly to consumers with news of promotions and sales, SafeOpt’s service makes it easier for you to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers. Staying relevant will help you to make more sales, convert more leads, and will also lead to word-of-mouth marketing.

If you are looking for an email retargeting service, then SafeOpt’s service is worth checking out. It is used by many different types of businesses, and millions of consumers. It’s an affordable service to work with and is very effective.