Sana launches first B2B e-commerce platform that delivers B2C-style customer experience


Sana Commerce has launched Sana Commerce Cloud – a B2B e-commerce solution that will create a seamless customer experience and provide the ability to customise the customer journey through a number of features usually associated with B2C online stores, including a drag and drop store-front creator to help companies stand out.

Sana Commerce Cloud is the first e-commerce single-page application (SPA) designed for B2B, meaning that online stores are faster with pages dynamically loading and not rebuilding each time visitors navigate to a new page.

The new platform is built to support total customer convenience. Integration with a company’s ERP systems ensures that existing data, such as stock availability, personalised pricing options, and order history, are instantly reflected in the online store eliminating errors and delays and delivering a reliable online experience. Convenience is delivered through Sana Commerce Cloud’s self-service capability so users can lookup invoices, pay online, process a return or re-order something, for example. Improving convenience and reliability helps businesses to increase customer retention and advocacy rates, and ultimately the potential to accelerate revenue and profit.

Sana has also introduced a new simple and easy to use storefront creator called Visual Designer so organisations can quickly build an improved interface for their customers. Visual Designer also provides an intuitive and user-friendly content management system, supporting SEO and content scheduling. Drag and drop lets companies style backgrounds with images and videos, and animate rows and colour columns for full design flexibility.

Arno Ham, chief product officer at Sana, comments, “E-commerce is more than simply facilitating transactions. It’s about helping businesses to use digital channels to improve the customer experience and prioritise relationships. We designed Sana Commerce Cloud from the ground up creating a flexible and agile solution that makes it easy for businesses to get online – whether that’s the whole business or simply a new market they want to reach. As the market continues to evolve, we want our product to evolve too to meet our customers’ needs.”

Danish green energy company Verdo AS, who has seen revenue growth of 50% since using Sana, was given a first look at the new product and said, “I’m impressed – Sana Commerce Cloud is about going that extra mile for the customer. Our clients are less concerned about negotiating the last couple of Euros, but they want to see that it’s easy to do business with us. Sana supports this. We’re much more in touch with our B2B customers [following the implementation of the current Sana platform]. Sana Commerce Cloud is going to make it very easy to launch specific campaigns using the new content module. And the continuous updates and fast webpage load times will make it convenient for customers,” says Peter Berggreen Olesen, e-commerce manager at Verdo A/S.

Other consumer-led features, such as guest checkout, help B2B organisations to convert more sales. And businesses can provide customers with greater transparency on payment options, order history (both online and offline), quote requests and returns – all at the click of a button. This total transparency promotes trust and loyalty with customers, and delivers the same convenience and reliability online that they’re used to offline.

Sana has built Sana Commerce Cloud based on React.js, and it has provided the foundation for the e-commerce solution to be built as a SPA. This lets businesses build web stores more efficiently, because once new features or components, such as a menu, form, search box or shopping cart, are created they can be used and re-used for different web stores. This simplifies the process for businesses with multiple brands who want a unified approach.

Sana Commerce Cloud is one of the first solutions to offer headless-ready e-commerce. It uses GraphQL to decouple the front and the back end of the solution meaning that businesses can integrate their ERP system(s) through Sana but then also use other platforms for the customer front end. This will open up opportunities in the future to add other applications, such as voice or even barcode scanners for customers to interact with.

Sana has also built in functionalities to the new platform that were previously only available through customisations, including the new design drag and drop feature and the ability to export abandoned shopping carts. This makes it easier, less costly, and less complex for businesses to implement and launch an e-commerce solution. Sana Commerce Cloud will ensure that businesses can quickly and easily adapt to meet customers’ evolving expectations.

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