Sariba & TJC Group partner to resolve GDPR compliance issues for SAP users


TJC Group, a leading provider of data volume management for SAP has formed a new commercial partnership with Sariba AS, a leading HR consulting provider with operations in Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Sariba has over 20 years of HR and SAP experience and together with TJC group we are ready to assist all companies who are putting automation on GDPR regulations and personal data processing on their agenda. New regulations like GDPR have imposed highly specific personal data processing obligations for companies, so SAP ILM and Data Archiving have become critical functions to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Marita Johansen, Senior Manager Solutions at Sariba AS, has the following to say regarding the partnership: “I am really excited about our partnership with the TJC group! Our extended experience within HR and the regulations in Norway coupled with their extended experience within GDPR and SAP ILM will give great benefits for our customers. We have seen that more and more Norwegian companies are putting automation of GDPR requirements on their agenda. I am eager to show our customers, both existing and new, what we can accomplish together”.

According to SAP, the best way for companies to meet their legal compliance requirements is to establish an automated ILM archiving strategy. This involves data to be destroyed periodically in accordance with GDPR regulations. When companies adopt this approach, they can avoid the reputational risks of GDPR non-compliance and also mitigate any unnecessary costs associated with retaining redundant data.

Steve Peirce, Head of Sales for UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries at TJC Group points out that “our partnership with Sariba marks a first step towards helping SAP users who are struggling with GDPR compliance in Norway and Sweden. This is a huge issue, almost every GDPR related data management project ongoing at TJC Group is driven by the requirement for HR to meet audit requests, so our partnership will be highly valuable to end users.

Compliance is always a delicate balance to achieve, with companies needing to simultaneously adhere to legal and fiscal obligations when they archive data. Achieving this across a complex SAP infrastructure is challenging and by working with TJC and Sariba, companies have access to a flexible resource that reduces the compliance burden.