Signia Logístic Services Automates with Infor WMS


Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced that Signia, part of the Hersil Group in Peru with more than 30 years of experience providing logistics services to leading organisations in various sectors, has selected Infor WMS warehouse management system. Sales and implementation were done by Cerca Technology, Infor´s strategic partner and sales channel partner in Latin America.

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Signia’s deep expertise and know-how, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, enables it to offer good warehouse, manufacturing and distribution practices, generating value in quality of services as well as more efficiency in processes and customer satisfaction.

Constant growth of transactions, processes and infrastructure created the need for Signia to seek robust and flexible technological support to continue with best practices and operational efficiency.

“Now, more than ever, we see the need to automate and speed up processes in order to fulfil customer needs and demands, and Infor WMS helps us do that,” says Nestor Montoya, Signia operations manager.

One of the factors in selecting Infor WMS was the experience Signia already had with Infor ERP, which made integration swifter, and adopting Infor WMS was done through a beneficial package for Infor customers.

 Go-live occurred during the COVID 19 pandemic. Air flights were restricted and part of the team was in lockdown, so Signia and Cerca Technology established a remote communication mechanism to support the go-live and to make necessary virtual adjustments.

Two main factors that enabled Signia to start Infor WMS operations with no disruptions were:

  1. Set the project with all operations and adapting to best practices in the way logistic processes were being performed.
  2. Have the support and executive direction of an expert team with full knowledge of practices and technology and with Cerca Technology as implementation partner.

 “Jointly with Cerca Technology, we managed to have a successful project in spite of the challenges faced by the pandemic. Infor WMS has enabled us to strengthen our logistics operations to support the company’s continuous growth and provide more customer satisfaction,” states Montoya.


According to Signia, partial results up to now are:

  • Online reception through barcodes and warehouse strategy that optimizes warehouse operations and production line.
  • Available picking and reading devices to increase picking productivity and eliminate errors.

“Strategic vision and Signia’s involvement were fundamental for the success of the project. This implementation shows that Infor WMS is a flexible and comprehensive tool, ready to meet needs in one of the more demanding industries that requires extreme levels of tracking and logistic complexity, as is the pharmaceutical sector,” states Aimara Fagúndez, Cerca Technology professional services manager.

“Infor has deep industry experience to understand the complexities and unique technology requirements of Signia’s dynamic and fast-evolving business. Infor’s purpose-built industry-specific solutions will deliver to businesses unprecedented visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people to enrich service levels, increase product velocity and ensure support for multichannel operations,” states Adriana Gutierrez, Infor Latam channel director.

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