Four years on since its launch, leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler, Smiths News, has released details of a range of exciting new upgrades to its award-winning SNapp Online tool.

Helping to streamline the day-to-day management of newspaper and magazine deliveries for its customers, the newly improved solution now allows news businesses to access historical newspaper and magazine paperwork instantly via the SNappWebsite.

Complementing the tool’s existing features which allowed the user to change orders, manage their credit and report errors, additional features include the ability to view delivery notes, credit notes, newspaper recalls and weekly invoices at the click of a few buttons – at a place or time of the user’s choosing.

Explaining more, Jonathan Bunting, chief operating officer at Connect Group which owns Smiths News, said:

“SNapp Online has been hugely successful since its launch in 2015, with over 13,000 users to date – 1,000 of which joined us in September off the back of the new paperless functionality. When we first launched the tool, our aim was to give our customers greater flexibility on how they manage their news businesses, and we’ve listened to their insights to deliver a solution that does just that.

“Each of our customers is different, and as such, the way they choose to manage their business is naturally going to be different too, but through SNapp they are now able to manage their deliveries, paperwork and orders, quickly and easily online.

“Of course, we know that hard copies of documents will often still be required from time-to-time, so this tool won’t replace printed documents completely. All our customers will still receive printed documents alongside their deliveries, but SNapp will allow them to replace any paperwork that might have gone missing without having to call Customer Services, saving them valuable time to spend serving their customers.”

Jason Birks, owner of Mosci Convenience store, added:

“SNapp has been an invaluable tool to my business. It has given us the freedom to make business decisions at a time that suits us and our customers. For us, the most helpful features have been the ability to adjust standing orders, claim for missing titles or credit and easy access to morning distribution information.

“This free app has really helped us grow and develop our news and magazine offering”.

The digital copies of all paperwork are kept securely on the Smiths News servers, accessible only via the special Snappwebsite, and can be formatted to a PDF format for easy printing.

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