Sonepar Group Selects Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management


Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that Sonepar Group, the world leader in electrical products, systems and services distribution, is expanding its current Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management remit to support its ongoing global omnichannel supply chain transformation.

In response to significant ecommerce growth and customer demand for a seamless digital and physical experience, Sonepar Group is investing in Manhattan’s industry-leading solutions to deliver the highest standard of service in a fast, reliable and more sustainable way.

The French company has an ambitious supply chain and digital transformation agenda: its goal, to become the first global B2B electrical distributor to provide a fully digitized omnichannel experience to all its customers. Sonepar leverages its multichannel distribution and logistics network to optimize its supply chain, offer competitive prices and improve its customer relationships. Its products are available anywhere, anytime at the company’s branches, showrooms, online and on mobile devices.

Henri Seroux, senior vice president, EMEA at Manhattan Associates added: “At the core of Sonepar’s offering today is the need to respond to the unique and evolving requirements of every customer. By providing digitized and orchestrated omnichannel capabilities through Manhattan Active Warehouse Management and our other cloud native Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions, Manhattan is demonstrably and actively contributing to Sonepar’s international business goals and long-term success as well.”