Sports Betting Specialist Reaches New Markets In Record Time With Nutanix


Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX) a leader in hybrid multicloud computing has today announced that sports betting and iGaming specialist FSB Technology has slashed the time and effort required to reach out to new global markets using Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) to host core workloads on AWS and other public cloud platforms.

Having already successfully replaced its outsourced IT infrastructure with a more agile, scalable and easy to manage Nutanix Cloud Platform, FSB Technology had become accustomed to bringing customers online to very tight timescales. In order to reach out to more geographically remote areas whilst still meeting regulatory requirements at pace, however, a different approach was required,  as Andrew Jobson, Head of IT at FSB Technology explains:

“With Nutanix we had become used to meeting tight deadlines, but were recently given less than a month to set up in a remote area where we had no presence at all. At first sight it looked unworkable, but then we learnt about Nutanix Cloud Clusters and, in under two weeks, had a new cluster up and ready for business in the AWS public cloud.

The initial implementation took just days to provision in the AWS cloud, with Nutanix professional services helping to configure the required Amazon EC2 i3 instances and install the Nutanix Cloud Clusters software remotely. That done, FSB was able to move application workloads unchanged onto the new cluster and manage them remotely using the same console as its other, on-premise, deployments.

“It looks and behaves just like any other Nutanix cluster,” remarked Jobson, “except it’s in the cloud, not one of our datacentres, and fully complies with geographic and other requirements of local gaming authorities.”

Jobson also confirms that, since going live, the Cloud Clusters (NC2) implementation has fully lived up to expectation, both in terms of performance and availability. He also anticipates additional benefits going forward, having deliberately sized the AWS deployment to allow FSB to host other customers in the same geolocation without the need for additional investment.

The company is also planning to use Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Microsoft Azure and is looking forward to NC2 becoming available on Google Cloud Platform as it believes this will further enhance the company’s ability to meet the needs of new customers and markets around the globe.

“The FSB deployment highlights the benefits to be gained from deploying Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) as part of a preferred hybrid multicloud approach to IT, commented Rowen Grierson, Senior Director & General Manager UK&I. “Empowering customers to use the same platform across private and public clouds to not only simplify and accelerate deployment but dramatically reduce the operational complexity of extending, scaling and bursting workloads across clouds as well as manage them as one from the same interface.”