Spotify outage: expired certificates continue to haunt systems


The cause behind yesterday’s Spotify outage which affected millions of users has been identified as an expired TLS certificate. The streaming giant becomes the latest in a long list of enterprises impacted by a TLS certificate expiry. Enterprises continue to rely on manual processes to track and manage certificates, but these come with an unavoidable element of human risk. Advanced automation is now helping eradicate this risk.

Tim Callan, Senior Fellow at Sectigo, made the following comment :

“Spotify’s outage as a result of an expired certificate once again raises important questions around certificate lifecycle management. This episode is only the most recent in a long litany of major service outages owing themselves to failed certificate renewals. Problems like these can be prevented by implementing certificate automation for deployment, renewal, and discovery of certificates in your environment. IT professionals have a strong set of automation options available to them today, so outages of this nature need not continue to occur”.