Studio Moderna selects Shippeo for real-time last-mile delivery tracking across 20 emerging European markets


Operating in 20 markets, from the Czech Republic to Russia, Studio Moderna’s vertically integrated omnichannel retail and distribution network reaches over 360 million consumers. Studio Moderna delivers more than 6 million parcels to customers each year. The highly customer-driven company relies heavily on the efficient execution of its supply chain operations to help overcome several key business challenges, which include high inventory levels, logistics costs and a lack of end-to-end visibility. Throughout warehousing, logistics and transportation, the company strives to ensure products get into the hands of customers on time, safely and with minimal costs.

However, with over 50 local carriers used across a number of fragmented markets, and speaking a diverse array of languages, providing customers with tracking information on the whereabouts of parcel deliveries is a complex challenge. This demands a sizable customer service team, relying on manual processes, including emails and calls, to provide this service.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Studio Moderna launched a strategic digital transformation project to use new technologies to enhance and optimise their customer service and NPS, increase customer satisfaction and sales, and reduce costs associated with carrier integration. But as the pandemic began to unfold and ecommerce soared, the company realised the value in fast tracking efforts to increase delivery visibility and to enhance their customer experience.

“The pandemic became a significant catalyst for launching our last mile delivery visibility as we accelerated our digital transformation efforts across the board”, explains Daniel Hodžić, Studio Moderna’s Group Last Mile Delivery Manager. “The Shippeo platform provides us with a single centralised portal in which we can aggregate data from all of our carriers, offering a consistent view across all delivery channels,” says Hodžić, adding that “Email and SMS notifications are automatically triggered, keeping key stakeholders and customers informed about delivery status.”

“We chose Shippeo not only for the quality of their product and their understanding of our unique needs, but also the quality of the implementation support provided,” mentions Studio Moderna CEO Jan Heere, adding that “the Shippeo team’s focus on speed and ease of integration was key for us to be able to deliver our new parcel tracking capabilities at pace, while saving us considerable time and money by taking care of our carrier onboarding.”

Although B2C deliveries were a priority within their digitalisation strategy, the company also hopes to extend visibility capabilities further upstream. “The long-term aim is to bring additional visibility to our warehouse distribution and supplier flows, to enhance productivity, optimise operations and reduce logistics costs”, says Heere.

Shippeo COO Lucien Besse is delighted to welcome Studio Moderna into Shippeo’s customer community. “We’re thrilled to be working with such a passionate and successful partner. Our organisations both share a strong commitment to excellence in service and we’re looking forward to helping the Studio Moderna team take their B2C customer delivery experience to the next level.”