Sungard AS Launches New Flexible Workplace Solution to Boost Agility of Workplace Recovery


To provide UK organisations with the agility to adapt to an evolving business continuity landscape, Sungard Availability Services® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, has today launched a new dedicated workplace recovery service.

In response to the changing face of the work area recovery market, and in addition to new requirements such as those imposed by social distancing restrictions, the new flexible solution from Sungard AS provides customers with on-demand access to fully dedicated, bespoke working areas.

Each facility can provide all the necessary IT equipment and connectivity available at a company’s original production site, housed within buildings with hardened infrastructure, such as UPS and generators. The new offering will enable businesses to partially or entirely move workforces to a new location, helping to spread out staff members as an example, in the interests of social distancing or a need to entirely replace a production site located an area of ‘high’ or ‘very high’ Covid-19 risk in England. Temperature checks can be offered at site receptions and flexi-plastic screens installed where needed.

Following the launch of its new Serviced Workplace solution in September 2020, the new flexible workplace recovery service from Sungard AS is the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio designed to help businesses stay resilient.

“2020 has been an immensely challenging time for businesses throughout the UK,” comments Pat Morley, GM Continental Europe at Sungard Availability Services. “As the fight against disruption to operations and supply chains continues to rest on the ability for organisations to remain both resilient and highly available, there is a growing need for innovative solutions which help businesses adapt to change at speed. This new offering not only affords businesses greater security, productivity and privacy than if staff were home working, but crucially, the ability to arrange workplace recovery in advance an outbreak emergency. This is just one way businesses can tackle their continuity requirements today, and plan effectively for tomorrow too.”