Tai TMS Helps Boost Transport Quadruple Shipment Volume


Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated freight broker platform for freight management and transportation, today announced the results their customer, Boost Transport (Boost), is realizing since implementation of the Tai platform.  As of March 2023, Boost, a one-stop logistics platform, has been able to quadruple the total number of shipments they can process for their customers.

By leveraging process automation through Tai, Boost’s brokers only need to manually process 5-10% of all LTL loads. Tai’s direct carrier integrations allow shipments to go from quote to delivery without ever needing manual intervention. Boost’s carrier updates feed directly into the TMS activity log for quick, on-demand updates. Tai’s installed API tariffs allow Boost and their clients to have quick access to LTL rates, empowering their brokers with instant side by side rate comparison.

“If you don’t have technology to keep up, you fail,” said Todd Redish, President, Boost Transport. “If a customer wants it, Tai can generate it. We’ve been able to effectively quadruple shipments across the board without having to quadruple our staff. Especially helpful within LTL is the fact that we are now 20% more efficient in processing these notoriously low-margin loads.”

Boost began their implementation with Tai at the LTL level, but today the company uses Tai for all operating processes. One of the biggest differentiators for Boost is the Tai Marketplace, where they can grow shipment volumes by aligning their service offerings with the demand created by synergistic relationships within the Tai TMS Ecosystem.

“It’s all about keeping the easy loads easy to manage so your brokers can focus on more complex tasks and procurement,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO, Tai. “Boost is one of our longest tenured customers and our growth path closely mirrors theirs. As we continue to scale and add new capabilities to our platform, Boost continues to realize new efficiencies and savings in their operations.”

To read the full results of Tai’s work with Boost, access the case study here.