TALL Group Joins Docuchain To Support Fujitsu In Global Frictionless Trade Initiative


The TALL Group of Companies was DocuChain’s first licensee of Chain of Custody. TALL Group is now supporting DocuChain in its selection by Fujitsu for its Drive Through Border initiative, as well as, other initiatives as part of the core DocuChain delivery ecosystem.

Recently, DocuChain announced a collaboration with Fujitsu on the development of their ‘Drive Through Border’ concept, a smart initiative under consideration by the UK Government and designed to facilitate trade, post Brexit.

TALL are working closely with DocuChain to provide securely  printed collaterals including bespoke labelling with RFID/NFC scannable chips that serve as Intelligent Gateways into cloud-based portals that manage customs, security and logistics functions.

The TALL Group has 3 secure print facilities with associated logistics capabilities that provide UK Clearing Banks with a range of secure document services and solutions.  The specialist Information Security Management, Cyber Essentials and Environmental Management,  accreditations held by the TALL Group are a prerequisite for government services.

This relationship will also extend to the provision of similar services for Intelligent Packaging Services being developed for high-value shipments in the automotive, aerospace, defence, transport, energy and pharmaceutical industries.

Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director of the TALL Group of Companies, said: “We know the importance of transaction verification and the need to deliver certainty regarding transnational trade.  Our certified facilities in both Northern Ireland and England are well positioned to support Fujitsu, DocuChain and HMG in their proposed Drive Through Border initiative.

The TALL Group has been providing high-quality, secure print services and solutions in the UK and internationally for  30 years.  We are proud to be part of this transformative initiative that will show British leadership in technology and service innovation.”

Philip Leone, DocuChain CEO and founder, spoke about the partnership with the TALL Group: “The TALL team have supported Chain of Custody since its inception, recognising the importance of linking Physical documents, processes and assets with their Digital Twins in a secure portal, where related Processes, People and Data can be authenticated in real-time.  Martin’s team understand that the veracity of ANY Physical document must be underpinned by direct linkage to affinity data in the Logical world.  This relationship allows us to focus our team on the Chain of Custody platform, while entrusting service delivery, secure print and associated logistics to a trusted industry leader!”