LLamasoft Announces Offerings to Accelerate Recovery from COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruption


LLamasoft, the leading provider of AI-powered supply chain analytics software to 750 of the world’s leading brands, is announcing a comprehensive solution offering available through their LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center to help customers who are affected by production, shipping, and distribution delays as well as demand variability due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The offer leverages their strategic partnership with JD Logistics, their 200+ data scientist and global services team and their cloud-based analytics platform, llama.ai.

The LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center is a collection of llama.ai applications and services built for the express purpose of helping enterprises restore their operations, adapt to fast-changing circumstances, and once restored, to evolve their supply chain for long-term resilience against future disruptions.


There are three concentrations of resources available through the LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center at www.llamasoft.com/covid-19-response-center :


  1. Restore – This offering is designed to help organizations rapidly perform detailed analysis necessary to identify options and trade-off decisions given both the current and evolving state of their extended supply chain.

  • JD Logistics Dedicated Shipping Service:  JD Logistics will provide expedited shipments for LLamasoft customers from Wuhan, China, or other impacted locations in China, to arrive at the customer’s intended location(s) globally. JD Logistics, the logistics arm of JD.com, provides extensive on-the-ground expertise and existing infrastructure to make these expedited shipments happen in the quickest timeframe possible.


  • COVID-19 Newsfeed Application:  This is a free application that delivers consolidated COVID-19 global virus status and consolidated news feeds, customized to the user’s preferences, from multiple global news sources in one easy to use source.


  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis Solution:  Pairs expert supply chain consultants with a company’s current operating data in a predefined app to help rapidly analyze the impact on current supply chain execution, diagnose exposure and impacts to production, distribution and inventory availability to enable evaluation of options and trade-offs to balance supply and demand and to rapidly restore operations.


  • LLamasoft’s Augmented Analytics:  Provides highly skilled data engineers and analytics consultants to augment existing resources to help companies respond more rapidly to the onslaught of questions needed to quickly restore services levels.


  1. Adapt – Once supply chain operations are restored, LLamasoft is providing a solution offering to enable companies to identify vulnerabilities and re-design their supply chain to balance risk, service and investment under future volatile market conditions.
  • Evaluates the current vulnerabilities and thresholds
  • Determine risk appetite/tolerance in the organization
  • Develop analytics-based playbooks


  1. Evolve – The third area of concentration uses the full breadth of LLamasoft software, enabling companies to create a long-term risk management plan and an anti-fragile supply chain, further positioning the enterprise for continued resilience against future disruptions.
  • Dynamic Sourcing
  • Dynamic Network Design
  • Marketing Sensing Capabilities
  • Digital Twin for on-going analytics


“The effects of coronavirus on global supply chains in every industry is extraordinary and LLamasoft is actively working to help our customers get their supply chains operating at full capacity sooner,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft. “Combining our supply chain expertise with data science, modelers and engineers, we are working to assist our customers to ensure appropriate changes are made with the volatility in demand and supply, and trade-off decisions to respond and adapt to changing conditions are rapidly available to decision makers. I urge our customers to take advantage of these resources today.  We are here to help.”

To get started and learn more about the LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center visit https://llamasoft.com/covid-19-response-center