BCN3D launch campaign against Covid-19: “We are here to help”


These last days, with a global pandemic taking lives and forcing us all to take drastic measures to prevent the Covid-19 virus from disseminating further, there have been many rays of light in the form of innovators worldwide, who are putting their ideas and energy into the task of developing new ways to help those in need.

These people are an inspiration to us all, and from BCN3D we want to enable them to bring their projects to life, so that help can reach further everyday. For that reason, we have launched from today the campaign to offer all our 3D printing technology to hospitals, medical and scientific centers that need this technology for the manufacture of respiratory equipment parts that care for patients affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

 We would like to offer our own printfarm, composed by a total of 63 machines (FFF technology 3Dprinters: Sigma, Sigmax and BCN3D Epsilon), to be used for those projects that can contribute the most to the public benefit in these hard times.

If there is something that we know about it is fabrication, and we want to put our knowledge at the disposal of others. So if you or somebody you know has an idea or plan that can change the face of this pandemic and help others at large scale, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will look into each proposal and put all of our machines at the disposal of those with a well-thought, scientifically validated project who can be of help for many.

In recent years and as a fundamental part of accompanying creators to boost their innovation, BCN3D has positioned itself as a trusted partner to help in medical processes and with patients by making its 3D printing technology available.

The BCN3D and University of Girona teams are honored to have been awarded the best Additive Manufacturing Healthcare Application at the prestigious 3DPI Awards for their groundbreaking results fighting breast cancer.

BCN3D and ‘ONCOen3D’ team from the University of Girona led by Dr. Teresa Puig and Dr. Joaquim de Ciurana, joined forces on a groundbreaking medical study: using the BCN3D Sigma, the research team was able to manufacture three-dimensional scaffolds used to separate stem cells, responsible for causing relapses, in order to study them later to devise pharmaceuticals capable of eliminating them without affecting other cells and avoiding the occurrence of relapses in patients.

We believe that we can and will come through this global crisis together.