Technologies Trends According to Recent Research Papers


Understanding which direction new technology is moving makes it possible to better prepare for the future. It allows you to make changes to your plans now. First of all, it concerns business, which can thus provide itself with a competitive advantage.

Quite top trends are forming in high technology, which not only will not disappear in the coming years but will also noticeably change the world.

Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency and NFT tokens captured people’s imagination and took their niche in the market. However, working with them on an industrial scale proved to be impractical. First-generation blockchain settlements are slow and energy-intensive. Each transaction has to go through a complex approval process. Today, however, more mature new technologies have emerged in this area. They force companies to rethink how they manage their tangible and digital assets.

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Data Security

Problems with the secure exchange of information are always relevant to the modern Internet user. Many hacker attacks, important data leaks, etc., clearly showed us that we need this technology. This innovation is also relevant to banking. Any company or enterprise needs good protection.

What will digital trust be like in the future, and should we expect better new technologies in this area? It won’t be long before they appear. The essence of innovations will be in the security of personal devices, applications, and other similar trends. Features such as virtualization and encryption will be responsible for this. Thus, remote work will become safer, and users’ business and personal information will be better protected.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

With modern educational innovations, children can learn school subjects through new technology. With a VR helmet, anyone can not only watch the events but also become a participant. This allows the student to enjoy a whole new experience. Such learning is called immersive. Virtual and augmented reality has also found its place in the latest technology trend in artificial intelligence. Developers make these innovations work together. Perhaps we will hear more technology trends in this area in the future.

Virtual simulation allows you to gain knowledge differently, which previously could not be obtained in the real world. Such exciting developments and trends will make it possible to assimilate new information better. Thus, future generations will learn very differently than they did before.

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Cloud-Native Platforms

The flow of information is growing exponentially. It’s becoming more and more difficult for ordinary computers to process it “locally.” The new technology trend of using virtual storage was formed relatively long ago. But recently, they have begun to talk about the Cloud-Native approach to creating tech, architecture, and implementing programs and services based on them.

Clouds have become the basis for the digitalization of enterprises. Now it is possible to work remotely, apply artificial business intelligence, implement IoT solutions, and so on. Companies around the world are migrating their processes to virtual platforms en masse.

In this approach, the program is designed from the very beginning. Information flows and workloads use the potential of infrastructure at 100%. While in 2022, only 40% of all digital developments comply with this new concept, by 2025, it is expected that every project will be Cloud-Native.

Sharing Data is Getting Easier

Entrepreneurs can now buy and sell valuable information assets in virtual cloud markets. Even more, new technology opens possibilities appear thanks to different tools. For example, these are homomorphic encryption and differential privacy. They allow us to work without preliminary decryption. This creates the best possible Big Data world. Companies can share tech information and still handle its security and privacy there.

Such new technology is spawning many new business directions for companies. Once large amounts of data simply sat on their servers worldwide and were not useful. There is now a chance to monetize digital assets. This trend is just emerging, but already in a Forrester Research survey, more than 70% of companies said they are going to use external data in their work.


New technology is actively developing. There are already a lot of them, and more will appear shortly. The trending technologies listed in this article will be attractive in the next few years. They help in terms of the quality development of our society.