Tecsys Beefs Up Retail Analytics and In-Store UI in Latest Omnichannel Order Management Software



“This is a pivotal step forward for the retail sector,” explains Peter Brereton, president and CEO at Tecsys. “We’re delivering enterprise-level omnichannel capabilities to retailers both big and small, with a keen belief that growth-minded retailers should be nimble and not be throttled by typical barriers to entry like long time-to-value and prohibitive upfront costs.”


The release features both new and improved capabilities to address business challenges facing retailers:

Creating Clarity in Business Decisions:
BI algorithms have been optimized to capture micro-level key performance indicators (KPIs). These new, robust data-driven BI analytics are designed to offer insights into omnichannel business performance and real-time fulfillment operations to better equip businesses for performance monitoring through dynamic and customizable dashboarding and reporting. Multidimensional and configurable views empower retailers to refine processes, reveal revenue opportunities and increase profitability. For example, retailers often want to understand which channels are driving their revenues beyond just online and offline; Tecsys’ BI functionality now enables retailers to model their multi-channel effectiveness and tie those models to revenue for more strategic business decision-making.

Simplifying Tactical Order Fulfillment:
The operational user interface (UI) has been revamped with a focus on creating intuitive user experiences across the entire order management lifecycle for easier workflow configuration and end-to-end usability. This enhanced UI simplifies order fulfillment, enables system integrator usability and provides users a one-stop-shop to configure all order processes from order ingestion to returns management.

Empowering Front-Line Associates:
Ensuring customer satisfaction across digital and in-store interactions means equipping customer-facing associates with tools that connect the online and physical shopping experiences that are modern and easy-to-use. Through an enhanced in-store mobile application, front-line associates gain access to streamlined in-store workflows, order detail and status views, and omnichannel returns.


In a customer-driven market, effective order orchestration across any channel in the supply chain has become a key area of focus for retailers in recent years. This omnichannel fulfillment is enabled through distributed order management, an advanced technology that connects digital commerce with physical stores and distribution centers. By establishing this digital connection, companies are equipped to execute complex order fulfillment and returns processes including click-and-collect, ship-to-store, ship-from-store, ship-from-warehouse, pre-order management, order consolidation, split shipments and intelligent route optimization across the retail network.

Tecsys is exhibiting the latest end-to-end retail supply chain solutions at NRF Retail’s Big Show at booth 744.