The 4 Widgets Every Website Developer Needs To Know About


A website can make or break a business, so developers have a tough job on their hands. The design and layout of a site can make a huge difference to everything from how users interact with it, to how much they spend online.

The impact website design has on SEO is already well-known, but the User Experience (UX) is often overlooked by newer developers and those who aren’t commercially savvy.

How your site visitors perceive your site, and how easy they find it to use, can have a significant influence over how long they stay, and if they decide to revisit.

As well as your site and business content, you also need to make your site usable within the wider context of the Internet.

That means adding the right digital tools, including widgets. These handy tools allow sites and apps to sync up with other online platforms, so they’re great for any site that wants to make it easier for visitors to connect with the entire Internet.

These are some of the best widgets every web developer should be aware of to help you make your site better for visitors.

Social Media Widgets

Sharing your business social media platforms on your site, and offering real-time feeds to update visitors as they scroll, can help you to build your presence on these sites and boost your brand reach. So, if your company has social media pages, check out the widgets for these platforms and put them in pride of place on your site.

Job Search Widgets

For corporate websites or recruitment platforms, using a third-party job search widget can be the perfect way to make extra cash and share the hottest new vacancies with readers. A cutting-edge job search widget like Connect Lensa can make it easy for sites like yours to earn extra money and give visitors targeted job ads that fit their requirements. With tailored job ads, you can make them feel less like they’re being sold to, and more like they’re being supported on your site.

Customer Service Chat Widgets

Adding the capability to connect with and instantly support potential customers can be time-consuming, especially for inexperienced website developers. Thankfully, there are many widgets on the market to facilitate live chats, which can be easily integrated into your existing backend system. With the help of these widgets, you can instantly set up a live chat function on your site and offer your potential clients any guidance they might need to turn from leads into paying customers.

External Review Widgets

Business reviews can be vital for your corporate growth, but only if you manage them and share the positive mentions. If your organization is popular on a particular business review site, then you should consider adding its widget to your homepage to show off your hard work and exceptional customer service. These widgets are particularly useful when placed on e-commerce sites, near to where clients will shop for products. You’ll be able to entice visitors to buy from you based on the positive association and reviews from other satisfied clients.

With so many widgets to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice! These are some of the top options available, so you can consider which to add to your sites. Don’t use too many: the cluttered look is not good for a site! Pick relevant options to offer the best UX possible.