The anniversary of GDPR – Ensuring data is protected

Since GDPR was introduced three years ago, we’ve seen a number of technology advancements impact the security landscape. More recently, the rapid adoption of these innovations in combination with accelerated cloud adoption brought on by the pandemic have brought to light a new challenge – data residency – as applications in the cloud have typically been hosted outside the EU. By providing cloud-native software security testing with EU data residency, we enable EU customers to address regulatory and organisational requirements while continuing to deliver secure software quickly and easily.

On this anniversary of GDPR, it is important to recognise the impact of the changing landscape on developers who must continue to innovate and create applications. To ensure data is protected, collaboration between security experts, developers and security champions is integral to the success of any application security programme. GDPR fines have the potential to increase as the number of ways to violate the data protection rules multiply, so employing secure coding best practices from the outset is paramount.