The customer experience can be dramatically improved by implementing new technology


Tesco’s venture into frictionless shopping proves their dedication to the customer experience. Implementing checkout-free technologies and approaches removes the biggest pain point in retail – queuing to pay. Consumers only have to walk in, scan their app, and walk out.

This friction has been somewhat tackled with self-scan and scan-and-go technology, but there’s still a headache for consumers as they have to juggle a scanner, or their smartphone, with their shopping items. The grocery stalwart taking it one step further shows it’s equipped to evolve with the times and provide new experiences for its customers while saving on labour costs. Even without social distancing, speed and convenience in grocery retail have been priorities for years and now with modern technology, we are truly getting just that whilst also addressing labour costs – one of the three largest costs of running a retail operation.

Tesco are being a ‘fast follower’ here in that ‘GetGo’ follows the ‘Amazon Go’ concept and by working with Israeli tech company Trigo illustrates that whatever technology innovation Amazon produce, there will be tech start-ups who build compelling competitive offerings for other retailers to use.