The rising impact of smaller-scale ransomware operators


Despite the fact that REvil counts for 73% of ransomware detections in Q2 of 2021, cybercriminals are resourceful, and large groups are no longer the only players making a profit. The threat for businesses is intensifying as smaller-scale ransomware actors build on the work of these larger groups.

Enterprises should use this warning as an opportunity to get ahead of adversaries and figure out how they could tighten up their defences against future attacks. This could include the use of threat intelligence, which helps organisations to predict and prioritise potential threats before pre-emptively adapting their defensive countermeasures, ensuring optimised security and future business resilience.

In addition to this, by deploying a security strategy that blends both Zero Trust and SASE approaches, enterprises can protect entry and data at every control point. This approach is particularly important as opportunistic actors evolve their tactics and will help to ensure organisations have the necessary barriers to protect against attacks of any size.