The Modern Technology Enhancing The Safety And Efficiency Of The Warehouse


These days, in logistics, it’s all about staying ahead of the curve. With so much change and pressure on supply chains recently, it’s vital that businesses harness every opportunity that they can to ensure that efficiency, productivity and safety are the subject of continuous improvement.

Modern technology plays a great part in this. Advancements in warehouse technologies are transforming the warehouse of old into a streamlined, seamless environment in which every part of a warehouse operation is optimised.

Here, we take a look at just some of the cutting edge solutions available from industry experts improving the efficiency and safety of warehouse lifting and loads. It may well be worth considering some of these for your warehouse space. 

Scissor lifts

Not every vehicle or load needs to be loaded at the same height, and if you have several types and heights of racking, moving loads vertically is an important part of your operation. A scissor lift is an effective solution, which significantly enhances the loading and unloading process. It allows for loads to be efficiently lifted and lowered in accordance with specific requirements.

Double deck trailers

Double deck trailers have significantly impacted the logistics industry. Businesses can now maximise their freight capacity, reducing their carbon footprint, and the number of trips required to transport loads. Obviously, this also lowers the cost of such movements.

Mezzanine floor loading systems

For warehouses with limited space, optimising the space they have is paramount. Mezzanine floor loading systems allow for warehouse capacity to grow upwards, using the already present high spaces for storage by installing a mezzanine floor. This allows the better optimisation of the warehouse layout, which allows them to meet more customers needs. Mezzanine floor loading systems can reduce the footprint needed to access such floors, maximising your space still further.

Universal dock doors

Accessing the warehouse dock is made even easier with the addition of universal dock doors. These can be installed in both new build or older warehouses. They combine all modular lift design features, with a unique bridge plate and tail lift pocket. These allow the warehouse unit to seamlessly cater for all vehicle types and configurations.  

Vehicle to ground loading solutions

As well as being able to optimise loading cargo onto vehicles, technological advancements have made it easier than ever to provide vehicle-to-ground loading and unloading, right in the yard. If you have a level access site, a vehicle to ground loading solution can be installed usually within a day and sealed to the front of the warehouse.

This will allow you to benefit from the addition to hydraulics and extended lift strokes, meaning you can load all vehicles from the ground level easily and safely.

Safety systems

Finally, technology plays a vital role in ensuring that your warehouse operations are safe. Innovations in warehousing loading solutions ensure that not only can you improve the efficiency of your warehouse, but you can lower the risk of your employees coming to avoidable harm. As it is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure employee safety, it makes sense to employ tech such as collision warning systems and emergency braking features to your warehouse equipment wherever possible. 

What’s next?

As technology evolves further, so too will the ability to improve efficiency within a warehouse environment. It is therefore  wise to keep on top of industry trends, particularly when it comes to AI and automation, to see where there can be savings in time and budget without impacting negatively on the productivity or efficiency of your warehouse. That way, you can truly stay ahead of the curve in what promises to be an ever evolving industry.