The Most Important Programs to Immediately Install On Your New Computer


Purchasing a new computer can be a big process. If you had the previous computer for a long time, you had time to get it set up exactly the way that you wanted. You had all the right apps, security features, and more in place. 

With the new computer, it may feel like you are starting from scratch. While some programs can wait a bit for you to install them, there are a few programs you should install as soon as possible.

Some of the most important programs to immediately install on your new computer include:


The Internet Browser You Want

Your computer will come with an internet browser to help you get online right from the start. Depending on what your preferences are on the computer, you may choose to stick with this internet browser or go with a different option. 

 There are many choices out there to choose from and it is common for someone who just got a new computer to go through and change up the web browser. Some of the most common options out there include:

 Google Chrome: This one works great with mobile devices as well as computers. It is easy to work with on any computer.

  • Safari: Safari works well with Mac computers and can provide some of the best performance out there for those using this kind of computer. 

  • Mozilla Firefox: This is a truly modern way for you to surf from one site to another, without using up a lot of memory space within the computer. 

  • Opera: Opera is not as well-known as some of the other choices, but it can provide you with many features and all the functionality that you need. 

  • Microsoft Edge: For those who love Microsoft products, Microsoft Edge is the new Internet Explorer, but with more power and functionality than before. 

All of these internet browsers are great choices and it is often up to your personal preference which one is going to work the best on your computer. You can download more than one of these browsers if you feel that you would want to use them for different activities on the computer. 


Anti-virus and Anti-malware

You need to make sure your computer is protected all the time. It is easy to forget to do this part and then wonder why the computer is not working the way that you would like. Rather than leaving it to chance, put the right anti-virus or anti-malware program on your system. 

When you purchased the computer, there was likely some kind of this software put onto the system for you. Research whether this is the right one for you. Many times the option added to the computer is not very strong and will not protect you the way that you would expect. 

It may be better to choose an antivirus that you like and install that on the computer instead. There are a number of free options on the market to choose from, though most experts agree that going with a paid version will be able to provide you with more protection. 

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Word Processing Software

Many computers will come with word processing software for you to use. This helps make it easy to write out documents, do spreadsheets, and more. Microsoft is one of the most popular options to use. You can choose to add this to the computer if yours does not have it already. 

Google Docs is a great option as well. However, this one can be used online, without any installation. While Word and Excel are popular software to add to your computer, there are a few other options that you can use including WPS Office Free Writer and LibreOffice Writer if you want something different. 

Microsoft has made it easier to install all the programs onto your computer if you choose to do so. This can be done through your Microsoft account, which will just take a few minutes to sign up for if you do not have it already. You can then install the programs you need. 


The Right Operating System

It is likely that you chose a computer that has a specific operating system you want to use. The three most common are Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Most computers do not come with Linux so you will need to download this separately if you plan to use it often. 

There are also a few other types of operating systems that you can choose as well. These may not be as common, but serve unique purposes on a computer. If these are something you would like to use, then it is important to get these installed on the new computer too. 



When you get a new computer, it is a good idea to install a trusted VPN on the system as well. A VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is a service that will help protect your privacy when you are online. 

When you search the web normally, you leave behind a footprint that others are able to see and track. This can make it dangerous for you because hackers, as well as advertisers, are able to use this information as they see fit.

With the help of the best VPNs, you are able to hide your identity online by hiding your IP address. This keeps you safe, whether you are using Wi-Fi or at home searching the web. 


Installing the Right Programs on Your Computer

With a new computer in hand, it is important to be prepared and have the right things installed from the beginning. This can make your computer more convenient to use while adding in some of the safety features that you need. 

On top of the options that we provided above, think about the ways you plan to use the computer. Are there certain apps that you need to use that will help the computer work the way that you want? Then make sure these are added as well.