There is a great opportunity for women to enter the tech industry

Initiatives like Ada Lovelace Day have already contributed hugely to increased awareness about the importance of having more women in technical roles. But the fact is that women on engineering teams often feel underrepresented, because they’re the only one in the room.

The lack of female representation is surprising given current demand for talent in the sector. According to a recent report from Tech Nation, demand for tech jobs in the UK was 42% higher in June 2021 than at the same time in 2019.

With such a high demand for skills, there is a great opportunity for women to enter the tech industry. There are many different paths to entry, from engineering, to customer support and people ops. At Matillion we encourage internal moves into different functions and roles, and high-growth tech companies are an incredible place to nurture your talent and develop new skills. My advice for women thinking of joining the tech industry is to be courageous and recognise that there is demand for a wide variety of different skillsets, from customer service to something deeply technical.

Having a role model and mentor in the field can also provide much-needed perspective on what to expect in your career, and help supplement those skills. They can help you navigate potential challenges and share anecdotes from real-world experiences which will prove hugely valuable in the long term. Joining an organisation like Women in Data, for example, is a valuable resource to connect with female peers in the technology industry.



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