DPDHL Processes Record API Transaction Volume Using Google Cloud


Google Cloud announced it is helping Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL Group), one of the world’s leading logistics companies, to deliver scalable cloud services that meet the demands of Deutsche Post DHL’s growing logistics business, demands that have massively grown in the last few years.

Deutsche Post DHL Group started using Google Cloud services in 2019 with Apigee, Google Cloud’s API (Application Programming Interface) management platform. Deutsche Post DHL Group established an Application Programming Interface (API) Center of Excellence (CoE) to bring together API experts from across its organization, with a mission of improving the experience of software developers who use logistics solutions in their applications. By embedding APIs into their systems, Deutsche Post DHL’s logistics customers were able to seamlessly access logistics services, digitally enabling them to book shipments, create labels, track packages, and many more services along the delivery chain—all in one place.

As of the first quarter 2021, Google’s cloud API services have now provided seamless scaling technology to serve an exponential growth in tracking events for DHL.com, with zero downtime over the past six months. In fact, Deutsche Post DHL has processed record numbers of API transactions—more than one billion per month, a volume that has tripled in just the past year.

“Running effective, scalable and innovative technology continues to be a burden, even for large companies,” said Daniel Holz, Vice President, EMEA North Region at Google Cloud. “Through the power of cloud APIs, Deutsche Post DHL Group can reliably provide the connectivity and processing power that is needed for the integration of information into their customers’ day-to-day operations. We’re proud to work with an industry leader like Deutsche Post DHL Group to bring new and innovative logistics capabilities to the world.”

“The logistics business continues to see an ever-increasing need for digital solutions – not just since the pandemic, but surely further accelerated by it,” said Dagmar Joswig, Vice President Digitalization and Corporate IT Office at Deutsche Post DHL Group. “Our digital business transactions have increased to record heights.”

“Google Cloud has played a key role in advancing our API agenda,” said Simon Rehbach, Vice President Global Enterprise Architecture and Integration at DHL Supply Chain, who established the platform and API CoE as part of the Group’s digital agenda and is now scaling it globally as part of DHL Supply Chain division. “For our customers, this means services that are highly reliable, meet our scaling demands, and in DHL we’re thrilled that we don’t have to spend extra effort on managing technology to be ready for peak business.”

The global API platform is the foundation of the collaboration between Deutsche Post DHL Group and Google Cloud, and an important cornerstone of its transformation agenda. Additionally, Deutsche Post DHL Group has also deployed Google Cloud capacity to process the transaction requests, speeding up response times even if the requester and data source are in different geographical locations.