THINKWARE launches a new fleet management system,


Today, the world-leading dash cam manufacturer, THINKWARE announces the launch of its new fleet management system (FMS), THINKWARE Connected Service, for the UK market.

THINKWARE’s award winning dash cams help make roads safer by making drivers more aware, deterring road rage incidents, and providing vital evidence for insurance claims. And now, they are helping to manage fleets by making monitoring, downloading, and accessing recorded footage easier than ever with the dedicated THINKWARE Connected Service.

Launching at the UK’s Commercial Vehicle Show, the Connected Service is available on the Q1000 and T700 dash cams and offers a variety of features to aid with fleet management, as well as protecting both drivers and vehicles.

THINKWARE Remote Live View enables users to view real-time footage of their vehicles in both ‘continuous recording mode’ and ‘parking mode’ with a click of a button. And, if an accident does occur, the SOS emergency contact messaging feature will automatically communicate with the registered emergency contact number via SMS – this can also be done manually via the SOS button on the dash cam. The SMS contains the vehicle location on Google maps plus a short video clip of the event. For individual customers, the SMS also includes the driver’s mobile number, so that an emergency response centre can call them to offer assistance.

Real-Time Parking Impact detection also protects your vehicles while parked by detecting impacts and notifying the driver via the app. The dash cam will automatically save footage 10 seconds before and after impact that can be accessed easily and remotely via the mobile and PC applications.

For the more day to day elements of fleet management, THINKWARE Vehicle Status & Driving History monitors the vehicle’s motion status, including vehicle battery voltage check. It also monitors driving history, with data analytics on driving behaviour and travel history with date, time, and distance of journeys.

Other features include:

  • Photo transmission of the last parking location through the dash cam’s front and rear-view cameras
  • Multi-device location tracking so the whole fleet can be monitored simultaneously
  • The possibility to remotely share a driving route
  • Safe driving data updates that alert the driver to potential forward collisions, vehicle departure and lane departures, as well as alerts of the UK safety camera locations, using a database provided by our partner Cyclops.

The THINKWARE Dash Cams can be managed locally via WiFi using the Thinkware Link app and users can also conveniently upgrade and update their firmware and speed cam data remotely via the Connected app to maintain optimal operation.

Tailored to different customer needs, the THINKWARE Connected Services consists of three different modes with “ENTERPRISE” providing an all-in-one service for enterprise customers that is ideal for fleet management. There is also “SMART” mode which is suitable for individuals who want the most value for money and “HOME”, a family oriented mode that allows for up to 5 members.

For more information, visit the THINKWARE Connected Services website at