Three secure online gambling payment options

Millions more bets will be placed in 2022 than were recorded in the previous 12 months, and that’s due to rule changes in the United States and Canada. Many states lifted the long-running and often controversial ban on online sportsbook and casino gambling, allowing residents and visitors to wager on their favourite sports. Gambling rules were also relaxed in Canada, allowing sports fans to wager on an increased number of markets and type of bets, such as Parlays. This gives greater freedom, creates a more competitive market and increases the chances of bettors making a profit.

You may find yourself in a country or state where online gambling is legal, and the chances are you will want to give it a try. There’s much to consider when choosing an online bookie that is good enough to cater for your needs. When faced with so much choice in what has become one of the most competitive markets in world business, it can be a little daunting.

How do you choose the right bookie for you? Can you trust the sportsbook’s offer of a welcome bonus free bet, and which sports can you wager on? It’s crucial you do your research and get the answers to these questions before attempting to bet. The question we will answer in this article is – how do you make payments to your betting account?

In this informative article, we explain the three best and most popular ways to make secure payments to your online betting account.

When researching this article, we sought the assistance of an online gambling expert who shares their experiences and inside knowledge of the industry. The aim is to ensure our readers have a firm understanding of how online transfers work, meaning you will get the best from your sportsbook experience.

Debit cards

The most popular payment method for online gambling is a debit card. You can add funds to your gambling account using most major names, including VISA, Mastercard and Maestro. All deposits are instant and protected by Secure Socket Layer technology, allowing you to add funds with complete peace of mind and confidence. Spend more time seeking out bets and targeting a profit, less time worrying about transfers.

Adding funds instantly to your betting account means you can deposit and bet without delay. This is ideal if you are betting in a rush or eager to get your stake on at the best possible odds before the traders reduce their offer. Click the member’s area, choose the debit card you wish to use, input the amount and click to confirm. The funds will appear in your betting account balance and can be used without delay.


As an online bettor registered with a legal and licensed gambling app, you can move funds in and out of your account using a modern e-wallet. The e-wallets you will often see at online sportsbook apps are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. You can add one e-wallet to your betting account or several accounts, as long as they are registered to you and in the same name as the betting account.

Deposits using e-wallets are also available instantly, but please read the terms and conditions at your bookie as most apps place a limit on the amount you can deposit in one goi using an e-wallet. The main attraction to using the likes of Skrill and Neteller is they give you quick access to your withdrawals. If you have landed a profit from your betting and transfer the winnings back to your e-wallet, it will appear in less than 24 hours.

Cash vouchers

It’s possible to deposit funds to your online betting account using cash. To do this, you must enter a registered sportsbook or casino and pay the cashier, who will then transfer the funds to your online betting account, and those funds will be available without delay.

There are two benefits to buying a cash voucher or asking a sportsbook to update your online balance. Firstly, it allows the betting industry to narrow the gap between land-based and online betting. Secondly, it allows you to withdraw winnings in cash from a betting office.


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