Top 5 Information Technology Jobs for College Students


Technology is surely our future. It can be seen in every field of human activity. One of the fastest developing directions is information technology. It has many prospective jobs that may help students to earn money while they still learn. They are worth your attention if you are good at technology.

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Computer Support Specialist

One of the best information technology jobs is surely a computer support specialist. It is a popular and demanded specialist, which brings an expert on the front lines of IT tech support. Mind that this specialty requires more than knowledge in IT. You also ought to have great communication skills because you will be interacting with users regularly. You ought to be patient when you explain the errors and how to handle them.

  • The perspectives for 2018-2028 are 10% growth;
  • The annual salary is around $62,7702;
  • The required degree is an Information Technology Associate’s degree.
Software Developer

The second place in our rating belongs to software developers. This specialty demands experts to develop and modify software applications. You will be involved in big team projects and will be able to earn a lot, as well as do many useful things for the proper functioning of apps.

Software developers are responsible for meeting with stakeholders, mapping out user needs, and writing code that meets these needs. Software developers often work in teams, with large projects usually broken down into pieces. The collaborative nature of this work makes the communication and organizational ability of a software developer very important—so don’t assume employers are just looking for a long list of programming language proficiencies on a resume.

  • The perspectives for 2018-2028 are 21% growth;
  • The annual salary is around $105,5902;
  • The required degree is Software Application Development Associate’s degree.
Network and Computer Systems Administrator

You should give heed to the position of a network administrator. This specialty makes you set up and maintain the organization of the computer network. This position will be in great demand because all online corporations require the proper functioning of the network. 

  • The perspectives for 2018-2028 are 5% growth;
  • The annual salary is around $82,0502;
  • The required degree is a Network Systems Administration Associate’s degree.
Computer Systems Analyst

Another information technology job, which is worth your attention, is a computer systems analyst. The specialists in this direction operate at the intersection of IT and business. You are to assess the scale of technology needs, which are required by a company. You should also suggest improvements and how to implement them correctly and fast. This position also requires the installation of new systems and supervising new employees.

  • The perspectives for 2018-2028 are 9% growth;
  • The annual salary is around $88,7402;
  • The required degree is Software Application Development Associate’s degree.
Information Security Analyst

The fifth IT job is an information security analyst. It will be in really huge demand for the next 10 years because of the threat of cyberattacks. They appear every day and such an expert is required by all companies (big or small). The prospective growth is 32%.

As you can understand, this expert deals with online security issues. All employers will require a smart analyst who will evaluate their protection systems and thus define if they are dependable. You may provide recommendations for improvement and also implement the necessary adjustments to secure a certain network from hackers.

  • The perspectives for 2018-2028 are 32% growth;
  • The annual salary is around $98,3502;
  • The required degree is a Network Systems Administration Associate’s degree in Information.
How to Become a Great Specialist in IT?

To start earning money in the IT industry, you ought to be diligent and work hard. There are several methods that must be combined if you want to become a good specialist. We will highlight them here below.

Read a Lot

You ought to be “armed” with the necessary knowledge. All the necessary materials can be found in libraries and on the Internet. They come in the forms of:

  • Textbooks;
  • Tutorials;
  • Guides;
  • Manuals;
  • Samples, etc.

Pass Special Courses

Thanks to the invention of the Internet, one may access all kinds of learning courses to boost one’s skills and knowledge. Just conduct small research to identify the suitable courses for you and pass them. Many of them offer official certificates of completion, which is a huge benefit for future employment for all students.

Start Small

Regular practice is a MUST for any sort of skills, including IT skills. That is why you should work out your skills on a daily basis. Nonetheless, you should not hurry. It is not possible to become perfect in all the projects you start. You should start with small and simple projects. Increase the complexity steadily to avoid failure and disappointment.

Find a Supervisor

It is also vital to have someone experienced to check your success and provide critics. Try to find a skilled supervisor according to the selected IT job. He or she will clarify all the issues you cannot overcome and will show you the right path. Besides, it is always good to have someone who will tell you that you are doing everything correctly.

Ask for Professional Help

Finally, you may turn for help to one of the custom programming and writing agencies. They have prominent experts who easily handle all kinds of academic assignments in all directions, including information technology.

Although they are focused on academic writing and programming, they will help all youngsters who want to enhance their skills. While you study, you have to write various papers that require in-depth knowledge and advanced skills. You may learn a lot of useful tips from the projects they complete. Besides, you may ask for online consultations. Experienced experts will guide you through every hardship to handle your IT issues.

The Final Words

We would like to draw the final line for this article. Information technology offers a bright perspective for all people. Even if you are a student, you may be able to earn by choosing one of the 5 jobs we have highlighted above. Stick to our smart tips to become a skilled specialist faster. We believe that you can manage everything if you really want it.


Author Bio: Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. Since then she has tried her hand in SEO and website copywriting, writing for blogs, and working as an academic expert. Her major interests lie in technology, content marketing, developing communication skills, and blogging. She’s also passionate about philosophy, psychology, literature and painting.