Transformation matters: Rebranding Cabka


From now on, CABKA_IPS will become purely Cabka. This simplification seems not to be breaking news at first glance, but it stands for the corporate DNA: constant transformation serves as the basis for progress and development. What has always driven Cabka in the development of its products is now becoming prominent in the company´s brand as well.

New logo, new colors, new appearance – from now on, the entire group of companies will appear uniformly as Cabka and under the tagline “Transformation matters”. For Cabka, transformation is obvious, as the company has been turning plastic waste into clever transport solutions for many years. But there is much more: The transformation towards simplicity and usability underlines Cabka’s innovative and sustainable brand core. This rebranding makes it easier for existing and potential customers and partners and moreover the new look is also intended to support the company in the best possible way in achieving their goals: “Our vision is a world where supply chains don’t just move things, but rather change things fundamentally and have a positive impact – both for our customers and for the environment,” explains Tim Litjens, Managing Director of Cabka Group GmbH, stressing the company’s vision: “We want to become the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of reusable transport packaging made from recycled plastic.” All these products that are thus becoming even more central to Cabka’s focus, such as foldable large load carriers and plastic pallets. Their form and function follow closely to the concept of transformation – one of the key points of the company’s DNA.


Transformation as the be-all and end-all
“Transformation is at the heart of our company. On the one hand, we see it as the basis for further development and progress. If you don’t change, you stand still,” Litjens elaborates. “On the other hand, the term illustrates our approach to circularity. Because Cabka transforms plastic waste into valuable high-end products that can alternate entire supply chains through the material used and their clever design.” The nestable pallet made of recycled plastic developed by Cabka is a perfect example. “When we introduced it, the market didn’t know anything like it, and was smiled at in the beginning by our competitors”, recalls Cabka founder Gat Ramon. But it quickly became apparent that it offered major advantages over the wooden pallet: It can be easily stacked inside each other and thus requires less space for storage and transport. It is also very lightweight, making it easier to use and reduces CO2 emissions when delivering goods. “It has now become a standard in the food retail logistics chain,” Ramon is pleased to say. “I would like to see Cabka maintain this drive for transformation and provide even more sustainable transportation solutions to our customers with a dedicated, diverse and international team.”

In order to continue to transform the market with pioneering products and further expand its know-how and expertise in materials research and development, product design and recycling, Cabka opened its Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, in 2018. Here, 40 employees are working on continuous transformation. True to its motto: Transformation matters!

An important part of the rebranding is the brand new homepage. The transformed company can be discovered at