Transporeon presents it’s current Weekly Brexit Market Monitor


Transporeon has presented fresh figures on traffic with heavy trucks going to Great Britain for the current Brexit Market Monitor this week. Transporeon’s platform connects the most important European network of more than 1,200 industrial shippers and retailers with over 100,000 logistics service providers in real time.

Figures are based on the spot market data for last week. Transporeon’s digital platform covers 20 billion euros worth of freight loads per year. It’s insights are derived from more than 1.8 million transports that are processed on the spot market by Transporeon every year and subsequently analysed by Tim Consult, a consulting brand of

Spot Rates | Transport Demand | Rejection Rate à Calendar Week 52/2020


Germany / UK

  • Demand decreased significantly in CW 52, following the usual pattern. Spot rates went down from the peak in CW 51 but are still more than 40% higher than the average of Q3. Rejections of contract business increased sharply.


France / UK

  • The demand from France to Great Britain declined as expected in CW 52. Spot rates went down vs. the peak in the previous week. What needs to be mentioned is that we observed isolated cases with spot rates above €6/km but decided to exclude them from the analysis as they were sporadic. Notably, rejections shot up to 188% higher than Q3 despite the lower demand.


Italy / UK

  • While demand dropped vs. CW 51 and showed 60% decline vs. Q3, spot rates from Italy to Great Britain are bucking the trend seen on other lanes. They were 118% higher than the Q3 average. Rejections of contract business declined with the same pace as demand and are ‘only’ 32% higher than Q3.


Poland / UK

  • The situation seems to be normalizing after the extremes of CW 51. Demand declined significantly and so did the rejection rate. Spot rates were still at elevated level vs. Q3 but declined vs. previous week.