Transportation Insight Named a Food Logistics Top Software and Technology Provider


Transportation Insight, a leader in Enterprise Logistics solutions and services, announces that the company is recognized as a 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Provider. Transportation Insight provides supply chain visibility and control that allows food and beverage businesses to address challenges created by increased regulations, tight margins and lack of carrier capacity.

“Transportation Insight applies our data-based technology solutions to help clients improve supply chain visibility, lower costs and deliver better customer experience,” says Transportation Insight Senior Vice President of IT Jim Taylor. “Our platform enables higher productivity with less IT involvement by capturing and analyzing digital supply chain data then delivering it to business users in an interactive format that empowers better decision making.”

“The transparency and safety of the digital global food supply chain would not exist without innovations in software and technology,” says John R. Yuva, editor for Food Logistics. “Our FL100+ recipients help drive supply chain compliance and regulatory changes that benefit everyone from the farmer to the food processor to the consumer.”

Digitization of the global supply chain creates new demands that will increasingly drive businesses across all industries to utilize a suite of technology-driven solutions available in one operating environment.

Government regulations are increasing for the tracking and tracing of food and beverage products from “farm to fork.” Companies need to be able to access, trace and verify information from suppliers, operations, packaging and transportation in order to submit appropriate documentation demonstrating compliance.

Transportation Insight combines TMS and freight invoice audit and payment with business intelligence platform, Insight Fusion®, to provide supply chain visibility from origin to destination. This helps proactively prevent issues arising from spoilage or shelf life expiration, in addition to bolstering shippers ability to comply with government regulations. Clients use Transportation Insight’s blended technology platform to improve carrier sourcing, automate execution processes for multiple modes, manage freight spending. With actionable intelligence gleaned from data gathered and analyzed across their supply chain food and beverage producers are able to realize new efficiencies or pursue sustainable growth.

The annual FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain.