TruTac builds the team as workplace accreditations roll in


TruTac, part of the Microlise Group of companies and a leading provider of compliance and transport software, have attained two accreditations for their commitment to the well-being of employees.

Great Place to Work and Thrive at Work are accreditations awarded for applying and maintaining prescribed employee welfare policies and procedures. These ethics are driven from the top down and embody the culture of the workplace by focusing on the individual. Accordingly, this aims to support employees by providing a supportive environment and paying attention to mental wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and workplace inclusivity.

TruTac’s General Manager, Louise Connor and Managing Director Jemma James have not only been leading the workplace initiatives as a priority to protect existing talent, but also recruit and grow the teams.

Jemma states, “TruTac are incredibly proud to have been awarded both the Great Place to Work and Thrive at Work accreditations. Heading into 2023 with these new awards sets the standard for the year ahead and demonstrates how we invest in our most important asset – our people.”

A recent survey of TruTac employees conducted by Great Place to Work highlighted many positive comments from the team:

“TruTac is an amazing place to work. We are not just a business; we are a family. Management cares a great deal about staff and will do anything to make each of us a better person, while giving us great opportunities to improve.”

“TruTac is family-focused and operates an open-door policy.”

“I work in a small team which works well together, and we are very supportive of one another. As both an employee and a colleague, I feel valued.”

“It’s a great place to work as you can be yourself with colleagues while balancing family and personal life. Working here is very convenient compared to other companies.”

“TruTac are like a family, they care about your physical and mental wellbeing. There are events to encourage staff to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.”

Great Place to Work is a worldwide recognised scheme, focussed on building, sustaining and recognising companies with supportive, high-performing workplace cultures. The organisation applies data and insights from millions of employees working in approximately 10,000 organisations across the world every year to benchmark individual performance.

In partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority, The Thrive workplace health and wellbeing awards are the West Midlands County standard of good practice and a quality mark for health and wellbeing in work.

These standards lie at the heart of Louise Connor’s approach to employee wellbeing and underpin the foundation of the workplace.

“We continually strive to improve and to provide a positive working environment by embracing HR and inclusivity best practice. Through teambuilding days, training, mental health awareness and an open-door policy we endeavour to not just attract the best talent but to protect the amazing talent we have. To this end, the TruTac family are striving to attain even higher levels of workplace accreditation, as the team continues to go from strength to strength.”