TruTac & Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) Launch CPT Fleet Management


New to the coach and bus industry and launching this month, CPT Fleet Management provides PSV operators a system to plan and manage all vehicle maintenance and compliance requirements using the latest technology from TruTac.

Developed in conjunction with the CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport), the easy-to-use software enables PSV operators to plan, organise and control all aspects of day-to-day fleet maintenance management.

The system replaces traditional wall planners with a fully interactive online calendar to automatically plan schedules and alert on upcoming events.

Using EPMI electronic document control, fleet managers can easily access vehicle history, maintenance records, safety inspections, defect reporting, rectifications and audit checks – all in real time and captured in easy-to-view digital format.

Jemma James, Commercial and Marketing Director for TruTac, is enthusiastic about the new system:

“Together with the CPT we see this addition to our existing suite of CPT- dedicated PSV compliance software as an essential tool for coach, bus and mini-bus operators to stay compliant and in control of mandatory vehicle maintenance procedures – while focusing on the busy demands of running a passenger transport business.”

DVSA and Earned Recognition-approved, CPT Fleet Management is fully integrated with TruTac’s 3 other CPT compliance control products, providing real-time updates on maintenance schedules, online storage for compliance documents, interactive dashboards and alerts.

Also, to help with maintenance planning, managers can instantly see all planned maintenance events including inspections, MOTs, services and repairs, while all weekly calendar events can be viewed in detail on a single screen. Tax, insurance and other reminders can be added to the calendar along with tachograph calibration dates – which are automatically populated direct from vehicle file downloads.

Meanwhile, from a passenger and vehicle safety point of view, managers can specify intervals and automatically plan future dates, with easy rescheduling. Completed inspection sheets can be automatically uploaded, and any failures or advisories can be notified using an IM number following routine, daily walk-rounds and driver checks.

Tyre and brake status are also recorded along with details of each inspection, which include a full brake test. For quick review, full safety inspection history is contained in report form.

Furthermore, for improved workshop and off-road vehicle control, CPT Fleet Management removes vehicle administration difficulties when using multiple garages: full schedules and upcoming bookings can be automatically emailed to each garage along with any associated contracts and other relevant documents. These can include detailed worksheets, current vehicle defects and any other notes so they can be pre-assessed by the garage.

All VORs can be quickly identified along with any vehicles returning to service after garage work is completed. For added control, all upcoming or overdue events are highlighted in a dashboard widget.

Part of the TruTac compliance-control suite
CPT Fleet Management is fully compatible with TruTac’s modular suite of CPT member software and enables managers to switch seamlessly between tacho analysis, daily checks and maintenance calendars, giving instant visibility and control over every vehicle and driver.

The interactive system keeps daily checks, defects and repair rectifications all in one place, along with all documentation and audit reports for future maintenance bookings. To streamline document management, the system uploads and tags MOT certificates, safety inspection sheets and contracts so that all garages can instantly assess individual vehicle requirements, while fleet managers can easily search for relevant documents and cross-refer each job with the garage which carried out the work.

Commenting on this latest addition to TruTac’s CPT product range, Peter Gomersall, Commercial Manager, CPT UK, says:
“CPT has worked in partnership with TruTac over the past five years to ensure that our bus and coach operator members have access to the latest technology and management tools needed to help maintain a compliant and efficient vehicle fleet.

“CPT Fleet Management provides operators with a comprehensive online dashboard presenting key dates – engineering and maintenance inspections, MOTs, vehicle taxes – and a comprehensive vehicle history in an easy to access and administer platform.

“I am sure that the addition of CPT Fleet Management to our suite of exclusive range of CPT/TruTac products will benefit members greatly.”

CPT Fleet Management will be officially launched by the CPT at a forthcoming national operations & policy update session for members on Thursday 22 April (1200-1330hrs). During which, a full introduction and demonstration from TruTac will be given along with details of an exclusive 20% discount for all CPT members.

CPT is widely regarded as the voice of the PSV sector, bringing together over 1,000 bus and coach operators across the UK. CPT members also include a wide range of suppliers to the bus and coach industry, including vehicle manufacturers, software providers and law firms.