UK efficiency set to rise with new digital HR tool, SD Worx Assistant


Today, SD Worx the HR and payroll specialist, announces the launch of its new mobile HR tool that lets employees access HR and payroll information anywhere – SD Worx Assistant. Despite businesses attempting to plan the return to the office, remote working is here to stay and decision makers need to accommodate this.

SD Worx research found that visibility of HR and payroll information is a key motivator for employees in the UK, with nearly half (45.1%) highlighting the ability to know everything their employer offers as part of the overall remuneration package (such as salary, benefits and leave) as being very important. Using SD Worx Assistant will help employers meet these HR and payroll transparency demands.

To aid HR functions, SD Worx has developed its SD Worx Assistant tool to bring new productivity and efficiency to the HR department. The SD Worx Assistant allows direct mobile access to highly used HR tasks. Once registered, the phone will provide secure access to the app with a fingerprint, facial recognition or phone login code.

With the SD Worx Assistant, employees will be able to carry out tasks and much more with a single mobile app. In the app employees can view and request holidays, access e-payslips from wherever and receive employer communications. The app integrates with digital diary and calendar applications and offers chatbot HR functionality. The app offers simple, intuitive, end-to-end workflows for administrative tasks, as well as regular updates to improve functionalities and integrations.

The new offering also ensures efficiency for HR professionals by reducing query traffic to the department. SD Worx Assistant offers prompt, efficient compliance for procedure management and reduces time spent looking for information across systems. HR managers are also able to review and anticipate employee queries through the dashboard relating to employee app usage and task completion.

Cathy Geerts, Chief HR Officer at SD Worx said: “SD Worx Assistant is a second brain for your employees, sending proactive reminders and streamlining internal communications. With SD Worx Assistant you can take a bold step towards a new age of HR and differentiate your organisation as a modern employer that offers the latest digital innovations to its talent.

“Our new offering takes into account both sides of the business where HR teams will be able to boost efficiency and employees will enjoy a seamless experience. Fewer HR-related administrative questions frees up time for HR personnel, meaning that the cogs of business can run smoothly and quickly.”

The SD Worx Assistant can also be downloaded to multiple devices such as tablets, work mobiles and personal devices. In the future it will also be integrated with Alexa, Google Home and WhatsApp. Time and attendance and work-related Q&A modules are also currently in development.