UK government procurement overhaul is long overdue & will help drive sustainability


The UK government has announced new plans to transform procurement, increase value for money and provide more opportunities for small businesses. As part of the new procedures for supplier selection, buyers will be able to include wider social benefits such as economic, social and environmental factors when assessing who to award a contract to, while also still considering value for money.

Ian Thompson, UK General Manager at Ivalua, made the following comment :

“It’s high time that public sector procurement was overhauled and digitalised, particularly if the UK government is serious about its pledge to wipe out its contribution to climate change by 2050. Government procurement can be a driving force for good in achieving this target. By focusing on the wider social benefits of suppliers – including environmental factors – when assessing who to award a contract to, the government can ensure sustainability targets are front of mind.

“The government has a huge amount of spending power, but by using this spend to drive positive change like reducing the UK’s impact on the environment, government procurement can be a vital ally in pushing much-needed environmental change across the country. By leading from the front, government procurement can set an environmental standard for organisations to follow. But, to truly understand the scope of environmental factors among suppliers, a smarter approach to procurement is needed. By digitising procurement and managing it through a single digital platform, government procurement can achieve a holistic view of all suppliers, allowing them to evaluate environmental factors, assess risks, and recognise opportunities to collaborate on sustainability.”