Virtual PBX: What is it and how can it help your company?


Due to the high level of progress that telecommunications companies are experiencing, many companies understand they must improve the quality of their service by taking full advantage of these newly emerging technologies. Many businesses use telephones to develop their marketing campaigns. They may just use their business phones to make deals with potential clients, or use a call center software.

Because of this, many companies use virtual PBX phone networks to carry out the development of this service in the most efficient and convenient way possible. However, not everyone is aware of its existence, so: what is a virtual PBX?

A virtual PBX could be defined as an advanced IP telephony system that uses a fixed telephone number, either new or ported, and becomes completely virtual. This allows users to be able to take calls using multiple electronic devices; such as computers, cell phones, tablets or landlines. Employees now have more ways to access their phone calls and make sales. Thanks to virtual PBX, both the image of the company and the quality of telephone service will be improved.

Let’s give an example to better understand this concept: if you expect an urgent call from a customer that is loyal to your company, but it happens you will not be in the office at the moment so that you feel worried about not being able to answer the call, the virtual PBX will solve this issue. Since the company’s fixed number is linked to other devices, such as your cell phone or maybe a laptop, an extension is created that diverts the call to that device.

Now that you have an overview of what the virtual PBX is, how will it help your company? With the adoption of this call management tool, companies now have more advantages than ever before.

A few years ago, the use of physical phone switches was common. Companies had to make large investments due to the high installation costs. Many companies could not afford it, so customer service decreased considerably. The virtual PBX make it impossible for customers to receive the attention they deserve. Customers are the ones that mark the future of a company.

Do these same services offer a physical phone network and a virtual phone network now? No. In that case you would still need to invest in physical equipment with a traditional phone line. A virtual PBX does not require any equipment. You would just need your current laptop, computer, tablet or cellphone to make calls. There is no need to purchase more phones or equipment.

In addition, the only purpose for traditional business phone line is to help manage your incoming calls. Additional services, such as Internet access, would not be included. Internet would have to be contracted separately with a specific operator. Unlike traditional switches, a virtual PBX integrates all of these additional services.

On the other hand, the virtual PBX has a series of features which solve any problem a company may have with a phone system.

Virtual PBX Features:

Lower costs:  With a significantly lower cost than physical switches, calls from a fixed line to a series of fixed or cellular lines can be received using a virtual PBX. You can receive business calls from any location.

Greetings:  Many virtual PBXs offer personalized services to welcome callers. You can change the language and the greeting based on the area code of the caller or what options they select. Personalize every call.

Options menu: When you call a number that has options menu, you only have to dial a number to have your call directed to the department or service you want. For example, if we dial 1, our call will be diverted to the service that provides that extension. However, there is also the possibility of waiting queues, which keeps the client on hold if all of the lines are busy.

Schedule:  In order to handle all calls and not leave any caller dissatisfied, the virtual PBX can be configured to establish schedules.  The caller will be notified to call at a different time.

Call transfers: Calls can be transferred to any of the lines in your virtual PBX, quickly and directly.

Privacy: With a virtual phone number, it is not necessary to use your personal telephone number. By using a virtual number, you can separate your work life from your private life. 


Leaving aside some of the many features offered by the virtual PBX, it is necessary to talk about the advantages of virtual PBX technology.

Advantages of a virtual PBX:

1.  Reduced costs: By eliminating the need to invest in equipment that needs to be updated and maintained, you reduce costs. Calls are received your mobile or fixed devices that are used daily, such as computers, tablets or cell phones. In that way, you will save a considerable amount of money and provide a more comfortable phone service.

2.  Adaptability: A virtual PBX has the great advantage of being adaptable to the needs of the company at any moment. This is something that is very important so that the communication can be impeccable, and it also allows the company to give the image it desires. In addition, calls can be configured so that they can be answered in or outside the office.

3.  Communication anywhere: today, for a company to work properly, it is essential that it has an Internet connection. Therefore, if we add to this the virtual PBX system, it will allow a company to be connected wherever they are located. This means your company will never miss a call. You will also show that you have an international image.

The advantages provided by a virtual PBX system cannot be ignored. But to clarify, we will explain below how a business may benefit from a virtual PBX.


These are a few of its advantages:

  • Improved telephone services: With the virtual PBX, a company can answer every call that is received, generating more confidence to the users who make the calls.

  • It provides a professional image: The virtual PBX offers numerous options that allow you to customize the service. For example, you can add a welcome message or an options menu, which is used to attend to each client’s needs.

  • Better quality of telephone attention: There is greater mobility and flexibility when you are able to transfer calls to any device. There is also an increasing quality in the business customer service when all oversights are eliminated.

  • It offers an international image: Some companies that offer a virtual PBX service allow you to have an international virtual phone number with an international country code based on the country of your choice. Even if your company is not physically located there, it gives off the image that you are comfortable speaking with customers at a global scale in the country of which they are personally from. Currently, having an international presence is very useful when it comes to making the business more successful in the business world as a result of the phenomenon of globalization.

  • Economic solution: As mentioned before, the reduction in costs compared to other phone lines is remarkable. It is important to find offers that offer a lower cost.


The possibilities that a virtual PBX offers are infinite, thanks to its constant development, updates and improvements.  It is one of the best communication options for businesses on the market right now.

It is important that companies are competitive, but in order to succeed you must know how to get the most out of technology. Thanks to the phone system of a virtual PBX, calls can be answered wherever an employee or agent is located, from any device. Secondly, it is essential to give a good company image to customers in order to grow your business.

Every detail counts. A virtual PBX will always be a useful option for any company that wants to acquire prestige and success.  Click here for further information.


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