Virtustream Announces Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP®


Virtustream, an enterprise-class cloud company and Dell Technologies business, announced Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP® today, helping customers automate, copy and secure data in non-production environments. These services help improve test data quality while reducing existing system footprints and mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

Enterprises across the globe are looking for ways to lower hardware and operational costs while shortening development cycles. However, the limited flexibility and customisation of their current refresh procedures, combined with the inability to timely refresh data in development systems, restricts their data choices. As a result, their infrastructure footprint, overall costs, and risk of data protection violations remains the same.

Virtustream’s new Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP solve these challenges through a full, end-to-end software implementation that delivers flexible data extraction, copy reduction, and masking and scrambling capabilities. Through these services, customers can easily create non-production datasets using only the data they need, reducing their overall data footprint and, consequently, their costs. With the help of Virtustream’s SAP specialists, these expert services ensure fresh testing data is safer, more reliable and available faster.

“Agile enterprises require fast, flexible and cost-effective non-production testing environments,” said Rob Scott, vice president, Professional and Managed Services, Virtustream. “Virtustream’s new Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP provide faster response times and easy flexibility while shrinking non-production systems, helping to significantly mitigate risks and reduce operational costs.”

Improve Agility with a Software-Enabled, All-in-One Solution

Virtustream’s new Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP deliver a software-enabled, functional- and security-aware solution with full lifecycle management for SAP application test data, including implementation, support and infrastructure requirements. The all-in-one services provide:

Rapid Refresh of Non-Production Data: Simplified and automated data refresh, with the option to copy full or select content into a single or multi-client SAP system. Additionally, this refresh preserves existing cross-client (default) and client-specific (optional) configurations on the target system.

Reduce and Slice Data: Significantly shrinks the size of data in non-production systems and allows for flexible data extraction for specific test cases or troubleshooting, such as selecting data by time or business object.

Masks Data in Non-Production Systems: Anonymizes and scrambles sensitive personal data to help organisations meet government regulatory compliance requirements, such as GDPR and other data privacy policies.

Offload Management Requirements with Virtustream’s One-Hand-to-Shake Model


By leveraging Virtustream’s SAP specialists to handle the management and operational requirements of the solution, enterprises can experience a repeatable, consistent and comprehensive process that delivers the following benefits:

Accelerated Innovation: Provides the speed and flexibility to automate test data provisioning, provide data extraction, reduce data volume and improve data transfer times so teams have the most up-to-date data on test and development systems.

Optimised Costs: Shrinks the amount of data in non-production systems to reduce infrastructure costs, streamline testing, and maximise operational cost savings.

  • Mitigate Risks: Significantly reduce time during data privacy implementation projects and mitigate risk and compliance across the entire IT environment with pre-defined, ready-to-use modules that scramble Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Part of the xStreamCare Services™ portfolio, Virtustream’s Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP offload management requirements to Virtustream’s experts to simplify operations while improving overall test quality. xStreamCare Services are backed by the company’s deep experience supporting the migration of thousands of SAP applications to the cloud with a proven, industrialised four-phase approach. This comprehensive suite of professional and managed services helps customers modernise their mission-critical applications in the cloud, and includes personalised, white-glove services for planning, migration, integration and optimisation.

Find more information on Virtustream about xStreamCare Services here.