Vuealta capitalises on global demand for strategic supply chain planning capability


Vuealta, the connected planning specialist, has maintained strong company and customer growth throughout the pandemic, and has helped existing and new international customers navigate the disruption.


Technology innovation

The pandemic has put global supply chains in the spotlight, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses across networks. According to Gartner, the need for supply chain transformation and digitalisation has now been significantly accelerated and is forcing businesses to embark on rapid change to completely reimagine the future supply chain.

The applications solve the challenges that supply chains face day-in day-out and include solutions for demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning, promotions planning and real-time sales and operational planning. And now, with the integration of the recently announced general availability of PlanIQä, Anaplan’s newest machine learning based solution with Amazon Forecast, Vuealta customers will experience even higher levels of forecast accuracy by applying advanced ML techniques to their data, driving more intelligent and confident decisions.


Supporting new clients 

Over the past year, Vuealta has seen strong demand for its applications, and now counts more global brands like Glossier and Fonterra on its books. Growth has been demonstrated in every geography in which Vuealta operates, including the US, APAC and the UK.

Edith Chen, Head of Supply Chain Operations at Glossier, says, “We are pleased to have partnered with Vuealta to address our supply chain planning requirements. Its suite of applications contains specific built-in intelligence, very relevant to our operating environment, allowing us to benefit from a much faster implementation cycle. Readily available ongoing support was an important consideration for us when making a selection for a product and partner.”

Aamir Mehdi, Director of Supply Chain at Fonterra, adds, “Vuealta’s applications will allow us to implement demand and inventory planning processes across our six major South East Asia markets. In doing so, we will be able to introduce best-in-class planning capabilities into those markets whilst at the same time ensuring that each market’s specific needs are catered for. This combination of pre-configured capability with local flexibility was key for us in choosing the combination of Vuealta and Anaplan.”


Company growth

Vuealta has also significantly expanded its global headcount in the last 12 months to help keep up with increasing customer demand. With a strong focus on the Americas in 2021, the US team is expected to triple in size this financial year.

To support this continued growth, Vuealta has appointed Roger Singh, as its Global Head of Supply Chain Solutions. Singh will be responsible for building the go-to-market strategy for Vuealta’s applications and brings a wealth of industry experience having spent over 20 years with organisations such as, i2Technologies (now part of Blue Yonder) and Steelwedge Software (now part of E2open).

Ian Stone, CEO and Co-founder of Vuealta, comments, “Vuealta is leading the way to a higher tier of strategic planning excellence by building applications on the Anaplan platform, offering our customers speed, affordability and agility. Our customers have consistently given us positive feedback for our supply chain planning applications suite, because it takes away the need to build custom-made solutions, which is a considerably longer and more complex process. Richer functionality, continued application support and demonstrable competitive advantage are all adoption drivers for our SaaS-based supply chain planning applications. The addition of PlanIQ is yet another exciting opportunity and we are thrilled to be able to supercharge our applications with machine learning capabilities, delivering meaningful insights from growing volumes of internal and external data, quickly into the hands of our customers. We see 2021 as a crucial year to help even more organisations take full control of their ability to perform intelligent forecasting, planning and ongoing optimisation of their supply chains, ready to tackle any future disruptive shocks to their operating environments in real time. We are very happy to have Roger on board to help us do so.”