Webfleet Solutions launches electric vehicle features


Webfleet Solutions, Europe’s leading telematics provider, has enhanced its offering with new features that give fleet managers remote insights into their electric and hybrid vehicles.

The EV management tools are part of the new release of WEBFLEET version 3.10 and are available for over 50,000 Webfleet Solutions customers across 60 countries.

“With the electric vehicle management tools, we are helping our customers to adapt to EV operations and maximising their cost-saving potentials,” said Beverley Wise, Sales Director UK & Ireland of Webfleet Solutions.

With the EV features in WEBFLEET, fleet managers can:

  • Get insights into the battery levels of their electric vehicles
  • See the remaining driving range
  • Get information on real-time charging status
  • See the remaining charging time of their EV at all times


A fleet manager can use the remaining driving distance, for example, when planning a sequence of orders or choosing a vehicle for a job. “By knowing exactly how much charge a vehicle has and how far it needs to travel, fleet managers can avoid higher charging costs during peak time or waiting in line for charging,” explained Wise.

“Adding EV features in our fleet management software is only a first step,” Wise emphasises. “In the course of this year we will – with the feedback of our strong global customer base – further develop our EV management tools. Our goal is to use our vast experience and proven expertise in telematics to help fleets get the most benefit out of the needed transformation”.

The electric vehicle tools are part of the newest WEBFLEET release and are available to all customers worldwide. In addition, the new version also offers enhanced features to help fleet managers in their day-to-day business, including a new road type usage report. The report gives insights into how a selected vehicle was used with the distance driven per road type and can help to decide for the best tyre types for respective vehicles.

To discover more about how telematics can unlock the full value of electric vehicles, see Webfleet Solutions’ latest eBook.