Why the JBS cyber-attack is a wake up call for organisations to take security seriously

As a major global supplier, JBS was a rich target for motivated attackers who are likely financially motivated and keen to cause enough distress where they can collect a ransom. While JBS is the target today, this type of incident is a wakeup call for any organization that is part of a supply chain. Mass disruptions that stem from security incidents are becoming commonplace and should be a concerning reality for the global economy.

There’s a convergence happening between software and physical supply chains. Increasingly, we’re seeing consumer-facing shortages because of disruptions that started as a cyber-attack. Not only does this demonstrate the fragility of supply chains, but it exposes the vulnerabilities of third-party ecosystems that retailers rely on heavily.

You can no longer just worry about your own security posture – you must also consider the security of your third and Nth party connections. Failing to do so can create blind spots that could lead to outages and disruptions that impact the bottom line.


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