Yard Overview 2.0: Yard Management with inconsoYMS


Process automation along the entire supply chain is becoming increasingly important, now also encompassing the interface between the warehouse and transport. inconsoYMS (Yard Management System) is a software solution for planning and controlling the yard activities of plants and depots. This software centrally consolidates independently planned processes, thereby reducing waiting times, planning uncertainties and costs. The logistics software specialist inconso presents extended functionalities in the latest software release that features extended control and dashboard functions, newly developed app features and expansion modules for the smart yard.

The new release of inconsoYMS provides comprehensive functionalities for efficiently controlling loading and unloading and managing all yard resources. This includes the completely modernized graphical dashboard for improved tracking of yard processes and transports. inconsoYMS also includes extended functions for the management of multi-deep bridge and semitrailer locations as well as collection points. With sophisticated, configurable display options, the functionally expanded solution thus optimizes various yard topologies.

The new version of inconsoYMS also includes the newly developed, multilingual business app with an integrated control system. It serves as a navigation system for arriving trucks and a medium for communication between the planning level and the drivers. Thus, inconsoYMS is able to replace technical components, such as pager systems and local WLAN infrastructures for controlling yard movements. In combination with the app, inconsoYMS provides a comprehensive overview of planned truck arrivals for improved prioritization of loading and unloading processes. inconsoYMS also allows for integrated voice control scenarios when used together with the standard releases of Amazon Echo, for example.

The system can also be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes, but in stand-alone operation, inconsoYMS also provides high flexibility when managing the internal yard.