100% Group launches circular retail display sustainability services to help tackle climate emergency


International retail installation specialist, 100% Group, has launched new services to help brands take a sustainable, circular approach to their retail displays. The ‘six Rs’ aim to support brands in reducing over-consumption of resources and waste in a bid to tackle their negative impact on the environment and respond to the climate emergency.

Each ‘R’ represents a service or support function to help brands take a more sustainable approach to their retail displays at every stage of the lifecycle:

Rethink encourages brands to change the way they think about POP design, production and execution. 100% provides specialist advice and consultancy to introduce sustainable concepts through development, from materials used, to assembly, packaging, and logistics.

Reduce aims to minimise the energy and emissions used to complete installations, with efficient route planning to minimise travel and optimise distribution. 100% is striving to achieve zero landfill on waste packaging from displays it implements and maintains.

Refresh prolongs the life of existing displays in-store to maximise ROI and cut down on new materials needed for manufacture. 100% offers a range of services to update retail fixtures and refurbish components to be used again and again.

Repair prolongs display lifespan by repairing damaged components. 100%’s maintenance teams can troubleshoot and fix display issues in-store, avoiding the need to replace fixtures, and reducing energy, emissions and financial investment.

Reuse aims to find another life for the display, its components and parts when removal is the only option. 100% explores how the materials can be used, whether they can be gifted to charities, not-for-profits or schools, or repurposed as something else. One reuse project saw 100% repurpose old product stands into desks for school children in India.

Recycle is the final step and last resort at the end of the lifecycle. Where displays or their parts can’t be reused, 100% recycles the materials as far as possible, using a network of specialist recyclers to maximise the volumes recycled and minimise the amount sent to landfill.

Committed to implementing widespread sustainable change across the retail industry, 100% Group is also working with industry association, POPAI, to develop a Sustainability Standard and guidance for best practice.

Will Williams, Strategy and Sustainability Director at 100% Group and member of POPAI’s Sustainability Council, commented, “As a business, we’re passionate about reducing the impact of retail marketing campaigns on the environment and the planet as whole. We all need to do our bit to respond to the climate emergency and protect and preserve the planet for future generations. With 269,000 tonnes of plastic floating in the world’s oceans, we need to take urgent action to reduce consumption of materials and waste.

“While it’s positive to see so many brands championing sustainability, it’s important that they’re not just paying lip service to it but backing up their words with real action. Each of our six Rs represent a vital point where brands can take small action to make a big difference, reducing their waste and carbon footprint through more sustainable treatment of their retail displays.”

100% Group has completed projects for brands including Adidas, Amazon, Beats by Dre, North Face and Sonos. Learn more about their work here.