ABBYY launches new no-code AI technology & digital marketplace to help speed up automation


Transport and logistics companies can now undergo faster and easier digital transformation thanks to the launch of new low-code/no-code AI technology that provides “plug in” brain skills to current software and warehouse management systems.

ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, today launched Vantage 2, that delivers cognitive skills for RPA robots, automation systems, chatbots, and mobile solutions, enabling supply chain, transportation, logistics, and 3PL organisations to gain insights from their documents and content. The company also launched ABBYY Marketplace, the first open marketplace where you can discover, try, and purchase reusable AI skills instead of having to undergo complex IT change management. It will allow logistics business managers to bring more sophisticated, speedy automation to a whole host of processes including bills of lading, payment processing, certificates of origin, proof of delivery, goods declarations, and more.

The announcement comes on the back of research showing that post COVID-19, over 64% of manufacturers are set to re-shore operations which will lead to more intense competition in the supply chain and a need for more tech-savvy solutions.

ABBYY Vantage 2 drives change across the entire organisation by enabling business users to digitise operations faster without complete reliance on IT: with Vantage, they can derive critical insights from documents on a large scale. Through empowering individual users, Vantage allows you to accelerate automation strategies, improve customer experience, lower risk, and increase productivity. The re-architectured platform is built on microservices and packaged into containers orchestrated by Kubernetes to fit the needs of agile IT operations. With a cloud-first architecture and intuitive, low-code/no-code interface, Vantage makes transformative technologies like AI and machine learning easy to adopt and consume within the enterprise.

The new ABBYY Marketplace provides an extensive online collection of reusable technology assets including cognitive skills for classification of documents and data extraction, ready-to-go process flows, and pre-built connectors. With more enterprises interested in the try-and-buy method, the Marketplace offers pre-trained skills for all types of documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, loan documents, insurance claims, and more. ABBYY partners also can contribute new skills and other technology assets to the Marketplace or utilise ready-to-deploy assets to speed up automation projects.

“According to IDC’s 2020 Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases Survey, almost half of enterprise leaders cite improved business decision making as a primary benefit of digitizing and transforming document processes; other benefits include customer and employee satisfaction and improved accountability. However, the respondents also mention the shortage of IT resources and inadequate worker skills among the main challenges of adopting IDP technologies. This highlights the need for modern low-code platforms that enable a wider range of business functions to contribute to transformation initiatives and accelerate deployments,” commented Holly Muscolino Research Vice President, Content and Process Strategies and the Future of Work, at IDC. “Vantage 2 and ABBYY Marketplace are well-positioned to provide an accessible solution for business analysts that can be used to build or purchase skills, make them discoverable to an automation platform, add them to a robotic workflow, and drive value for their organization.”

“Over-reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets was a huge vulnerability for the transport and logistics industry when the pandemic struck,” said Reginald Twigg, Director, Solution Marketing for Transportation and Logistics at ABBYY. “A third of companies were relying on manual steps in more than 50% of their processes. The growth in e-commerce is here to stay and businesses must ensure they are agile enough to meet continuing changes in demand and supply as they occur, without delay. Analysts say a top priority for the transport and logistics industry in 2021 is improving cash flow and streamlining operations. The good news is that using sophisticated, easier-to-consume technology to do this has just become a lot easier.”

ABBYY Vantage 2 is available now to early adopter customers and partners. It can be purchased directly through ABBYY or via a global network of partners including RPA vendors, strategic system integrators, and consulting firms.

CognigyEXLKryonMicro FocusNICEPegasystemsPwC, and RoboRana are already integrating Vantage 2 with their platforms. Out-of-the-box connectors developed by ABBYY are available for AlteryxBlue Prism, and UiPath.


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