AMA is GLAD to support the Lifting Sector on 9 July


AMA PR will be adding its voice to Global Lifting Awareness Day #GLAD2020 on Thursday 9 July. This day will be a tremendous opportunity to boost awareness of the Global Lifting Industry and attract the next generation of recruits into the sector. It will also remind us what excellence stands for. In the Lifting Industry this means high quality and experienced suppliers, exceptional training and innovative solutions. With this in mind #GLAD2020 will also act commendably to bring the role the sector plays to the attention of policy makers. Finally, #GLAD2020 will also shine a spotlight on the role lifting is playing in getting the world through the COVID crisis, as well as its contribution to recovery from the economic fall out.

Remember, lifting is everywhere. It is not only about keeping building sites, manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs, energy generating windmills, ports and warehouses going – it encompasses a diverse array of activities from lifting people onto hospital beds to, hopefully again soon, raising rigs in live music and theatrical settings.

Ross Matthews, Director at AMA PR said: “I have been writing about lifting since 1994 as a trade journal editor and then in PR. If you have any role in lifting – as a supplier or end user – then don’t forget on Thursday 9 July 2020 to get online and have your say and boost awareness on whatever social media you choose to follow. Looking forward to seeing lots of #GLAD2020 posts and the positive impact they will have.”