Apple App Store APIs on fingerprinting


It’s extremely positive to see a major corporation such as Apple, ensure that they have policies in place when it comes to the use of biometric data. Having standards and deliverables means that biometric data can be collected and used both responsibly and ethically.

All organisations should follow Apple in establishing policies and standards when it comes to the use of biometric data. There needs to be clear lines of responsibility and chains of accountability for all parties, as well as a high degree of transparency for the processes involved. By being clear and following ethical standards, customers and the wider public are more likely to trust the use of biometric technology.

For organisations now looking to use biometric APIs on Apple’s App Store, we strongly recommend looking into the advice, guidance and frameworks released by NIST and the NCSC. This ensures that the businesses are following the best practical advice when it comes to use of biometric data and implementing strong data privacy and ethical standards.