BCC Brexit guidance, mitigating the impact of supply chain disruption


Following the British Chambers of Commerce publishing its Brexit guidance dashboard today, Andrew Duncan, UK CEO, Infosys Consulting, made the following comment:

“Today’s research confirms the reality that most UK businesses are already acutely aware of – we are facing a perfect storm of supply chain disruption. Our own research recently showed that 85% of supply chains have already faced a reduction in operations due to adverse effects from the coronavirus pandemic. And with the Brexit deadline fast approaching, time is running out for organisations to implement the strategies and tools they need to survive a no-deal outcome. 

“Businesses must start to build resiliency and elasticity into their supply chain to survive the huge economic and societal shifts we can expect to face for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Simulations of the past, built on subsets of historical data rather than real-time data, are simply not advanced enough to model the impact of these shocks to their complex supply chains. We must look to AI, advanced analytics and visualisation tools to help predict customer buying patterns and help weather the upcoming storm.”