Black Friday Royal Mail strikes – how retailers can beat them


Retailers are right to be worried by the strike action by Royal Mail on Black Friday. With ever-increasing supply disruptions amid shifting consumer buying patterns as spending tightens, it is no longer feasible for retailers to simply increase inventory buffers to absorb volatility. Retailers need to be able to continuously sense, respond and adapt plans quickly and cost-effectively.

In the knowledge that the Black Friday strike is coming in less than a month, retailers will need to make the best decisions on what actions will be best to reduce the negative impact by 25th November. One option? Boost speed and quality of decision-making by dissolving data silos and using on-demand scenario planning, both of which are possible through the likes of digital-twin tech.

While some retailers may be caught out by the Black Friday strike, those who are prepared can react quickly to unexpected changes like this, and continue delighting customers during this peak spending season – whilst effectively managing the squeeze on margins.